Translation of hairsplitting in Spanish:


sutilezas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɛrˌsplɪdɪŋ///


  • 1

    sutilezas feminine


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    (distinction) demasiado sutil
    (approach) excesivamente minucioso
    a hairsplitting argument una discusión sobre nimiedades
    • Ecclesiastical historians will tell you that hair-splitting issues are the ones that cause havoc among the zealots.
    • I've never been surer of anything in my life, despite what they say about their hair-splitting coverage.
    • It's bad luck and bad timing, but it does count for something in this hair-splitting contest.
    • The pursuit of physics by hair-splitting quibbles and scholastic logic applied to Aristotle's texts, as in this first long manuscript of Galileo's, was more an elaborate verbal game than an investigation of Nature.
    • Then they became immersed in hair-splitting debates about difficult ‘moral’ decisions but within a context where everything was justified if politically useful.
    • How can the Supreme Court possibly know what the most divisive policy is with respect to these hair-splitting distinctions.
    • The fact that he is operating in such a crowded field, and the need to demonstrate originality, leads the author into a number of distracting, hair-splitting arguments, often with fairly marginal historians.
    • There's plenty of artful writing and thought here, and her wit makes even the excess historical padding and linguistic hair-splitting palatable.
    • A good example of this is the often hair-splitting legal distinctions between valid and invalid transfers.
    • Any delineation between the nominally public and non-public spheres is now a hair-splitting irrelevancy.