Translation of half in Spanish:


mitad, n.

Pronunciation /hæf//hɑːf/


  • 1

    • 1.1(part)

      mitad feminine
      half of the sugar la mitad del azúcar
      • the upper half of the body la parte superior del cuerpo
      • to break/divide sth in half romper/dividir algo por la mitad / en dos
      • it's interesting to see how the other half lives es interesante ver cómo viven los demás
      • to do things by halves hacer las cosas a medias
      • to go halves pagar a medias
      • we go halves on the rent pagamos el alquiler a medias
      • too ... by half
      • she's too clever by half se pasa de lista
      • Divide the ground meats by half and pass one half through the grinder for a second time.
      • This damage was only found in half of the pivot, the north half where rye was planted.
      • Her smile grew wider as she put the halves together and ripped it once more in half.
      • Cut the baguette in half lengthways and spread each half with the coriander butter.
      • Albany could easily cut this subsidy at least in half and still pay for real charity care.
      • Cut dough into four equal pieces, cut each piece in half, and roll each piece into a ball.
      • This was the first match of the second half of the season that last saw action three months ago.
      • We drew a circle with a horizontal line drawn to divide it in half in the top half of our paper.
      • Divide the mixture in half and mould into two sausage shapes, each about 20 cm long.
      • The upper and lower halves of this box correspond not to waist up and waist down, but to left and right on the dancer's body.
      • Cut a starfish in half and both halves can recover to produce two starfish.
      • Do they represent two halves of the same individual or different people?
      • Slice the roll in half the short way, then slice the halves in half.
      • And tell your husband that you are going to cut the time you spend in the kitchen by half or even more.
      • Press both halves together to flatten and cut each roll in half before serving.
      • Briefly, the femurs were cut in half at the middle of diaphysis and the proximal halves were discarded.
      • Try a biscuit crust, tortillas, flatbread such as pita, bun halves or a baguette cut in half lengthwise as bases for pizza toppings.
      • Yes, the Park will be bigger but, unfortunately, it will be split in half and surely that is the whole point of this debate.
      • According to the plan you can reduce waste by a half or more by composting.
      • You can figure out how much water you need to drink each day by dividing your weight in half.

    • 1.2Mathematics

      medio masculine

    • 1.3(elliptical use)

      an hour and a half una hora y media
      • I wear a 37 and a half calzo (un) 37 y medio
      • you get time and a half on Sundays te pagan el 50% más los domingos
      • it's half past ten son las diez y media
      • the train leaves at half past el tren sale a y media
      • the half-past train el tren de las y media
      • that was a party and a half! ¡eso sí que fue una fiesta!
      • that's a dog and a half! ¡menudo perrazo!

  • 2

    • 2.1(period)

      tiempo masculine
      the first/second half el primer/segundo tiempo
      • I had a feeling when we walked out, it was going to be a damned good game in the second half.
      • Hockey is an 11-a-side game played over two halves of 35 minutes, with goals more often than not coming from set-pieces such as corners or penalties.
      • What is more exciting in football at any level than a scoring drive in the last few minutes of a half or a game?
      • The half finished with the Dragons exerting the greater pressure but failing to maintain continuity.
      • The first half concluded with a trapeze act that got nervous applause throughout and a thunderous ovation at the end.
      • The second half started as it was to go on, with endless comings and goings between the two substitutes benches and the field.
      • The visitors side upped their game in the second half when they had got used to the playing surface.
      • The matches would feel more real and there would be less of a need to go through the half-dozen substitutions which regularly mark the second halves of such games.
      • Only in a bruising period of the second half, when the game turned scrappy, did Hibs lose their composure and control.
      • A simmering game erupted following the dismissals in the second half of extra-time.
      • It ended a run of 14 games unbeaten and it was a sickener to concede in injury time of both halves.
      • Cougars lifted their game in the second half and pummelled the Lions line, but could not find the final touch.
      • The Selby side came into the game in the second half and were denied by the upright.
      • They were leapfrogged by Matlock Town, who won with goals in stoppage time of both halves.
      • They forced two frees that Rogers converted and the sides were level with six minutes of the half gone.
      • It got rid of the controversial and hated shoot-out, added stoppage time at the end of halves and games, and the clock counts up instead of down.
      • That was a rare moment of danger for Sweden, who dominated possession but only seriously looked like scoring in the closing periods of both halves.
      • He later said the first half was his greatest performance as a pro, and no one who saw it could argue.
      • So boring was the game that the first half had no decent shot at goal and the two goalkeepers were literally on holiday.
      • With less than three minutes of the second half gone, Henderson latched on to a lax pass and hacked the ball downfield.

    • 2.2(of pitch)

      campo masculine

    • 2.3US (interval)

      descanso masculine
      medio tiempo masculine Latin America

  • 3Britishinformal

    (of beer)
    media pinta feminine
    • We sat down with a half of Timothy Taylor's for me, and a pint for him, to make our choices.
    • Lester wanted to lump him, Mike reckoned there was a story in it and Lucy calmed him down by buying him a half of Guinness.
    • Now, here's the rub: our meal plus two pints and two halves of lager set us back a whopping £50.90.
    • I've got my eye on one or two oddly named brews - I fancy a half of the Norwich Terrier, for instance.
    • If you build a good pub, the women will come - and may just be persuaded to swap their G'n'T for a half of Terrier.
    • Seriously, get her to drink a half of stout a day as a basis for any magick she does.
    • Two airline stewardesses were sacked for drinking a half of lager each before a flight.
    • I then suggested that perhaps all they needed was a nice cup of coffee or a half of shandy and they looked at me as though I were a paedophile.
    • With a couple of pints and two halves of lager plus coffees, our bill came to a few pence over £37-not unreasonable for this standard of Indian restaurant.
    • I still don't know, but the whole dish, washed down with a half of bitter, sure tasted great.
    • Usually we'd have a half of beer, but on this occasion someone suggested a glass of sherry, because it dried you out.
    • He was supping a half of Guinness while looking oddly like a Guinness himself in his black polo neck and angular shock of white hair.

    de cerveza

  • 4British

    one and two halves un adulto y dos niños
  • 5informal, humorous

    my/his better/other half mi/su media naranja informal humorous


  • 1

    la mitad
    I only want half solo quiero la mitad
    • half of that money is mine la mitad de ese dinero es mía
    • the half of it
    • you haven't heard the half of it y eso no es nada


  • 1

    he won half a million pounds ganó medio millón de libras
    • half a pint of milk media pinta de leche
    • one and a half hours una hora y media
    • half the school knows about it already ya lo sabe medio colegio
    • half the amount has been raised already ya hemos recaudado la mitad del dinero
    • half my salary goes on the mortgage la mitad del sueldo se me va en la hipoteca
    • he's half her age ella le dobla la edad
    • the planning is half the fun los preparativos son casi tan divertidos como la fiesta (/ el viaje etc. ) en sí
    • she isn't half the player/singer she used to be no es ni sombra de lo que era
    • the shirt had half sleeves la camisa era de manga corta
    • she managed a half smile apenas logró esbozar una sonrisa
    • to have a half share in sth tener la mitad de algo


  • 1

    the meat is half cooked la carne está medio cruda / a medio cocer
    • the work is only half done el trabajo está a medio hacer
    • she was half asleep estaba medio dormida / semidormida
    • the door was half closed la puerta estaba entreabierta
    • I half expected to find him here en cierto modo esperaba encontrármelo aquí
    • I was only half listening no estaba prestando mucha atención
    • she said it half jokingly lo dijo medio en broma
    • half walking, half running medio caminando, medio corriendo
    • half man, half horse mitad hombre, mitad caballo
    • she is half Italian, half Greek es hija de italianos y griegos
    • they are paid half as much as we are les pagan la mitad que a nosotros
    • that will cost you half as much again le costará un 50% más
    • the movie isn't half as good as the book la película no es ni la mitad de buena que el libro
    • as intensifier not half
    • he isn't half clever es inteligentísimo
    • do you like it? — not half! ¿te gusta? — no me gusta, me encanta
    • it isn't half cold today hoy hace un frío de los demonios