Translation of half-holiday in Spanish:


medio día libre, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhɑːfˈhɒlɪdeɪ/



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    medio día libre masculine
    • Each year a half holiday for clerks in the retail stores is agitated, and now is the agitation time.
    • To remove any possible doubt that might exist, this will now read: ‘The day in the week (other than Sunday) on which the half holiday is allowed.’
    • The boys tried to get some fishing lines but owing to being half holiday could not get any.
    • I got half holiday this afternoon on account of it.
    • An employee who starts work before 12 noon on this half holiday and continues beyond 12 noon must be paid at the rate of double time and a half for all time worked after 12 noon.
    • Cuyahoga court marks the beginning of summer with a half holiday.
    • Working days until 8: 00p.m., holidays are working days, half holidays are working days, Christmas eve until 7: 00p.m. and New Year's eve until 7: 00p.m.
    • This fixture was a great event in the school's calendar; half holidays were given on the two days that it took place.