Translation of half-light in Spanish:


penumbra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhæf ˌlaɪt//ˈhɑːflʌɪt/


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    penumbra feminine
    • It was deserted but in the half-light I could just make out an object on the grand pinewood table and, moving closer, discerned it to be a small wooden chest with the lid flung open.
    • The sun was setting, so only the half-light of dusk illuminated the clearing.
    • Ovid's delightful short poem about a rendezvous with the imaginary ‘Corinna’ in the evocative half-light of the afternoon has inspired many poets.
    • Throughout a close-up that stays with Edmund for a painful duration of seconds, his face, cast in half-light, looks older, harder and hollower.
    • The quest brings her back to a dilapidated cabin in Dawson's North End; down river to cook at a tourist camp, or out on the river to play her camera on a fishing operation in the half-light of a Dawson summer night.
    • The landscape's detail was reduced to shapes in half-light, but the child was still speaking with all the insistence a four-year-old possesses, reiterating that demand.
    • Turn-of-the-last-decade indie-disco par excellence; you can almost see the Robert Smith hairdos bobbing along in the half-light.
    • Even in the half-light I can see that the sets are easily head-high.
    • In the half-light it is dull and beige - hardly the stuff of postcards - but by the end of my run, much of it will be gleaming yellow in the early morning sun.
    • In the half-light it was like a scene from The Omen.
    • In the half-light in a crucial ward in Orpington they delivered ‘Good Morning!’
    • It's not especially easy to set up a 15 ft match rod in the dark, especially when your eyes refuse either to focus in half-light, or at distances closer than 2 feet.
    • And as the heavens open once again, Travis take to the stage, almost sombre in the evening's half-light.
    • It was the grey half-light before dawn and Astaevia could only just see where she was going.
    • Oaxaca the sun had set just a few hours ago and the city was cloaked in the blue half-light of dusk.
    • I made my play and sat back, watching him in the half-light.
    • She stood in the doorway, looking at the boy, who was lying in the strange half-light of the dawn, then turned and went down the stairs.
    • This permits easier acquisition of the sight in daylight, half-light and low-light conditions.
    • These countries, even though they may have armies which can be packed into one parade ground, give many medals and ribbons, not to speak of stars, to junior officers, so that even in half-light, they glitter.
    • Creative theatrical effect helped the presentation as each artist emerged from the gloom of a darkened stage to be lit in the ghostly half-light, and to the warm enthusiastic reception from the patrons.