Translation of half-moon in Spanish:


media luna, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhɑːfˈmuːn//ˈhæf ˌmun/


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    media luna feminine
    • It's lovely out here - the night is calm, the lake is black and still, illuminated by the bright half-moon, and the trees seem to glow.
    • Weaker tides occur at half-moon, when the sun and Moon are 90° apart.
    • It was past ten at night and the yard was dark, with a half-moon lighting the way.
    • The Knight just looked out into the blackness of the region, a half-moon shining down from above.
    • It is twilight, and a bright half-moon shines down on a small metropolis of wire pens.
    • Hues of purple, violet, teal and blue that were invisible in normal lighting came alive with the slight gleam of the white light from a half-moon.
    • It had been two days since the half-moon and Niroku had asked a question that had been bugging him.
    • In the light of the dimly shining half-moon, her eyes looked worried and afraid.
    • The night cast its silent shadow over the clearing at the edge of the woods, storm clouds parting slowly, revealing the pale, flickering light of the half-moon that shone overhead.
    • A half-moon after she revealed herself to him, they conceived a child.
    • At midnight, under the light of a bright half-moon, Indefatigable was sailing smoothly into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France, on her way to Gibraltar.
    • Dolly came out with me, and we sat for a while, looking up at a bright half-moon and a sky thick with stars.
    • The half-moon gave him barely enough light to make it to Protheroe's door.
    • But it's late afternoon along a desolate strip of Interstate 15 near Sheep Mountain, above which a pale half-moon is on the rise.
    • Even the half-moon is obscured behind heavy gray cloud.
    • A half-moon lit the sky and he watched the silhouetted clouds drift in and out of sight.
    • One part of the exercise involved night skiing across the Snowy River illuminated by half-moon on a cold, clear night.
    • It had been about a week since the half-moon and everything seemed peaceful except for one demon attack where they got a Silver Life Jewel shard, which Katia fused into the rest of the shard that she had collected.
    • I relaxed slightly - the outline of Toji was visible by the glow of the half-moon, its light a lone beacon in the curtain of velvet night.
    • Sam glared fiercely up at the half-moon peeking through the branches of the weeping willow.
    • In the small hours of the morning, he found himself on the roof, staring out at a half-moon and a scattering of stars.
    • Soon people were hanging on for their lives - and falling - 1,000 ft above the ground under blue skies and a pale half-moon.
    • Illuminated in pale light from the half-moon he looked ethereal, nearly tinted blue, his facial features drawn and guarded.
    • The mechanics have packed up and gone to bed before I end my day, shivering in the chill of the desert night under a vast array of stars, the half-moon lighting up the sand, the tents and the vehicles all around.
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    (on fingernail)
    media luna feminine
    lúnula feminine formal
    • West-facing, Fernandez Bay beach is on the protected side of the island, a superb, gently curving half-moon of sand a couple of miles long.
    • In the restaurant we stamp these into half-moons with a cutter but you can leave them as triangles if you like.
    • In one hypnotic turn, the performers hopped on skateboards and lazily circled the theater risers, becoming visible in half-moons as they rolled out in front of the audience and then disappearing again.
    • The shape of a garlic bulb mimics a minaret; the cloves that make it up are like half-moons.
    • When her gaze skated past mine, I noticed purplish half-moons under her eyes.
    • The main dishes are large and filling (they come with a half soup, served in a half-moon shaped bowl or a salad), and, with an appetizer as well, there's heaps of food.
    • Much the same product occurs in Greece, as kourabiethes, half-moons or round, sprinkled with icing sugar.
    • Slice the onions into half-moons, grate the ginger, grate the garlic, slice the leek into thin rounds.
    • It's only what he once named it himself, that ear-to-ear smile, a fixed half-moon caught in quick-dry cement.
    • Begin removing three half-moon mounting bolts from each side, set half moons and bolts aside.
    • This time out we tried the shrimp nuggets, deep-fried half-moons stuffed with a whole shrimp in a creamy sauce, and topped with slivers of marinated red pepper.
    • It's imaginatively located in a lower, half-moon mezzanine area to the side of the bar.
    • That's a half-moon Baker-style sofa in the living room, which is really nice but also very comfortable.
    • Fold the dough circle in half to form a half-moon.
    • In a sweeping half-moon behind me, the rugged, unspoiled Inishowen Peninsula rolls out across this little known spear of North West Ireland.
    • The Voyager clock comprises a half-moon of off-white plastic, with a delightfully forced-perspective ship leering out at you.
    • The judges' half-moon raised podium runs around the east side of the room, with each name printed just below the rim of the surface for the courtroom to see.
    • In Jazz, the half-moons on Dorcas's cheeks and forehead indirectly testify to the torture she endured as a child, when she witnessed her father and mother stomped and burned to death during the East St. Louis riots.
    • The folded half-moon, a sort of quasi-calzone, hides a cache of fontina cheese gigged with emphatic sun-dried tomato: simple and effective.
    • Beneath his eyes were thick wrinkles which dropped down his cheeks in a series of half-moons.