Translation of half-track in Spanish:


semioruga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑːftrak//ˈhæfˌtræk/


  • 1

    semioruga masculine
    • The festival will begin on Friday, September 10, as military vehicles including tanks, half-tracks, lorries, jeeps and guns begin arriving in Morecambe.
    • More commonly, lorries, half-tracks, and APCs have carried the infantryman onto the battlefield, and the MICV can now carry him across it.
    • Commanding from a half-track in the Six-Day War, the book discusses Gonen's temper, and the real-world experience of commanding an army versus a brigade from a bunker.
    • The 194th Tank Battalion was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ernest B. Miller and was comprised of M3 tanks, half-tracks, jeeps, and motorcycles.
    • The half-tracks replied by opening fire with their 75 mm guns.