Translation of half-truth in Spanish:


verdad a medias, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈhæf ˈˌtruθ/


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    verdad a medias feminine
    • In reality, this means it combines actual events, half-truths and outright fiction.
    • So they've swallowed whole a bunch of half-truths and falsehoods and, quite literally, built a federal case out of it.
    • If this does not happen, then the values and truths a writer seeks to convey remain half-truths and half lies.
    • No sooner had this farrago of half-truths and complete fiction been discredited then along came the second myth.
    • As she cuts through layers of truths and half-truths, the author reveals a cycle of pain and longing that spans three generations of women.
    • So he may be forced to tell misleading half-truths about ‘Barbara's’ performance.
    • So why is it that our stories are riddled with half-truths and part-truths and secrets and lies?
    • If anyone is misleading the American public, it is you for presenting a series of half-truths as the whole truth.
    • But the whole thing was such a cynical mix of half-truths, untruths and twisted logic that it ended up besting me.
    • Stand-alone mothers have a habit of dominating their histories with dramatic inventions and embarrassing half-truths, so the truth was cloudy.
    • It's a struggle between the truth, the half-truth, and the downright lie; between the likely, through the merely possible, to the very far-fetched indeed.
    • How could it have avoided becoming just another part of the whole elaborate web of half-truths, misinformation and spin?
    • Your crusade to unseat them by peddling exaggerations and half-truths lowers you to their level.
    • There is more than one way not to tell the truth: half-truths, omissions and deliberate ambiguities can be just as effective as crude lies if the mission is to mislead.
    • As we have come to suspect, it is partisan to the point of being littered with falsehoods, half-truths and unfair coloring of the events.
    • Can't we at least, somewhere in the midst of deception, half-truths and outright lies, catch an honest break?
    • Here's a primer on the issues that will help sort through the truths, half-truths, and exaggerations in the coming debate.
    • The probe had to look into a plethora of truths, half-truths, hearsay, gossip and rumours, the minister said.
    • She has woven a web of lies, truths and half-truths.
    • They spin stories based off of half-truths and cater to spiteful impulses.