Translation of half cock in Spanish:

half cock


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    (of gun)
    at half cock con el seguro echado
    • It was later differentiated from the ‘true’ flintlock by firearms scholars for whom the ‘true’ and original snaphaunce lock had a steel separate from the pan cover and a cock incapable of the half-cock safety position.
    • With the old Colt, it was possible to place the hammer on half-cock, rotate the cylinder, listen for the click and know that the chamber was lined up perfectly under the loading gate for either shucking a fired round or reloading a fresh one.
    • As he listened to their conversation, through a bug he planted, he pulled the hammer of his revolver back to half-cock and gently pushed out the loading gate.
    • Let's assume someone is loading the revolver properly with the hammer at its half-cock position.
    • Gone was the half-cock notch on the hammer and instead of bringing the hammer to half-cock to rotate the cylinder, it could now be revolved simply by opening the loading gate.