Translation of half hour in Spanish:

half hour

media hora, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhæf ˈaʊ(ə)r///


  • 1

    (30 minutes)
    media hora feminine
    (show/journey) (before noun) de media hora
    it's a good half hour walk queda a una media hora larga andando
    • We whiled away a pleasant half-hour before Marvin signalled that it was medication time back at the Day Centre.
    • There are some funny moments in the first half-hour of this spoof on the Hollywood practice of rewriting British history.
    • He knew that the only thing he had done in the past half-hour was to apply a chemical to the stain on the small table.
    • Another half-hour, and he'd be enjoying a little bit of beef jerky with his friends.
    • In the past three months I have waited half an hour to get on a bus on many occasions.
    • The best part of the day was the last hour before closing and the half an hour or so afterwards.
    • They had just been walking around for the past half-hour looking for a way out.
    • For the past half an hour, both sister and boyfriend have been torturing me with this.
    • He had been lying in the hay pile for a good half-hour before he got up again.
    • The stamps are free and available to anyone willing to wait from a few minutes to a half-hour.
    • They left the stage half an hour later, having done a good job and knowing how to do better next time.
    • Lek, the young Thai woman we met in the first half-hour, could have used such counsel.
    • I spent the next half-hour washing myself with a hard nugget of soap and a trickle of cold water.
    • The artwork had been fun for about a half-hour, now the displays of jade had become her prison.
    • While the last half-hour is as suspenseful as you could hope, it takes an awful lot of contrivances to get there.
    • He closed the planner that he was staring at for the past half an hour and looked at the clock in the office.
    • She had said it, and it had only been a precious few minutes, a half-hour at best.
    • The entire sequence takes a good half-hour of screen time, by the end of which you are entirely confused.
    • Another half-hour of runtime would have done Luhrmann a world of good.
    • Nevertheless, having more than survived the following half-hour, next day you want to do it again.
  • 2

    (30 minutes past hour)
    trains leave every hour on the half hour los trenes salen a y media cada hora