Translation of halfpenny in Spanish:


medio penique, n.

Pronunciation /ˈheɪp(ə)ni//ˈheɪpni//ˈhæfˌpɛni/


  • 1

    medio penique masculine
    • They also included a selection of threepenny bits, a 1916 halfpenny and a penny piece from 1921.
    • Many were the pennies and halfpennies he used to collect, though I'm sorry to say that I and the other lads used to make fun of him.
    • A 24-year-old hawker, formerly living in lodgings in Byron Street, Bradford and now of Salford, was found not guilty of silvering 24 pennies and nine halfpennies with intent to make them resemble florins and shillings.
    • The money is a mess of pounds, quids, bobs, shillings, pence, ha'pence, etc that is almost as interesting as a picture puzzle - and about as hard to unravel.
    • The penny piece is now worth less in real terms than either the farthing or the decimal halfpenny when they were withdrawn from circulation.
  • 2plural halfpence /ˈheɪpəns/

    medio penique masculine
    fivepence halfpenny cinco peniques y medio