Translation of hallelujah in Spanish:


¡aleluya!, interj.

Pronunciation /ˌhæləˈlujə//ˌhalɪˈluːjə/


  • 1

    • This exalted state rests between channels 701 and 715 on DirecTV - hallelujah, NFL Sunday Ticket!
    • Yep the dizzy blonde had some friends this week - hallelujah!
    • The Babu's an unabashed Potter fan, but all the same - hallelujah, the Lord be praised.
    • Then, I downloaded a stand-alone installer instead of using the webpage installation which doesn't work on my computer, set it to run and, hallelujah, it all works!
    • We've all found each other and, hallelujah, we're not nuts.
    • And when you find that one Mexican stamp with Frida Kahlo's unibrow, hallelujah!
    • Well, alleluia, I found it last night, and was shocked at how much the world has moved on.
    • Then an almost total ban on smoking in public places, which will hugely improve the quality of life for millions of us - hallelujah!
    • Tried Miller for a while, then JD and Coke for years but recently I have seen the light, hallelujah!
    • I asked for Linux recommendations, and - hallelujah!
    • The Age reports that the krouts have found it's been raining toad entrails, hallelujah!
    • If this is how man was supposed to be created, hallelujah!
    • In the second - hallelujah! - the oldie in question is neither loveable nor crusty (Hollywood's usual options for the over-60s) but the sort of average bloke you might meet in real life.