Translation of hallucinate in Spanish:


alucinar, v.

Pronunciation /həˈluːsɪneɪt//həˈlusəˌneɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • I had a job as a technician, but I began to hallucinate more and have irrational thoughts.
    • Welner explains that someone with a severe, brief, psychotic reaction, who has borderline personality disorder, might even hallucinate.
    • Because of expressive language difficulties, it may not be clear whether an individual with AD is indeed hallucinating or experiencing illusions or agnosias.
    • Immediately I am captivated by this picture-perfect creature before me, and I find myself wondering if he is even real or if I have begun to hallucinate.
    • Then she began hallucinating and before losing consciousness she managed to grab the phone and press the redial button.
    • Sleep deprivation really kicked in, and I started to actually hallucinate!
    • They became slaves to impulse, began to hallucinate, and, in a hypnotic trance, became completely vulnerable to the suggestions of leaders who might be thrown up.
    • He looked up at the ceiling and began to hallucinate.
    • Findings is so deeply into a drug/alcohol induced stupor that he is not sure himself if he is dreaming, hallucinating or actually awake.
    • By the time the victim begins hallucinating, turns gray-skinned, becomes paralyzed, and dies, it may be impossible to identify who did the dastardly deed, or when.
    • He noted that with enough sleep deprivation, some people can develop mood changes and can even begin to hallucinate, ‘all of which can lead to reduced quality of life.’
    • After a few nights of absolutely no sleep, some people begin hallucinating.
    • By the time I actually made it to the clinic, I had been awake so long, and had been depriving myself of anything other than just water, that I was beginning to hallucinate.
    • Caci began hallucinating, imagining Bailey there at the hospital with her, talking with her.
    • The kid smiled and vanished, leaving a befuddled scientist to wonder if he'd begun hallucinating.
    • He begins sniffing petrol, hallucinates at an open religious site and accidentally alights the community centre.
    • After awhile subjects become disoriented and begin to hallucinate uncontrollably.
    • My mouth became a dust bowl, complete with tumbleweed and mini sandstorms, and I actually started to hallucinate about a bottle of Evian.
    • It probably doesn't matter if you're actually hallucinating for those last two, though.
    • At times I was suffering mild paralysis in my legs, and I think I was beginning to hallucinate, but one of the other drivers in a Ferrari 550 ended up in intensive care!