Translation of halvers in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːvəz/

plural noun

Scottish, US

  • 1

    to go halvers on sth ir a medias en / con algo
    • we go halvers on all the expenses vamos a medias en / con todos los gastos
    • So we went halvers in a ps1, got Porsche Challenge and that lasted me ages.
    • Hi Alice I haven't seen you for ages, let me know if you ever fancy going halvers on a bottle of wine of an afternoon in the pub.
    • We went halvers on this but I ended up with both the original disk and the manual.
    • I confess to a certain self-interest here, as I still had hopes of his going halvers on a ticket.
    • Well, my brother wants to go halvers on a dual exhaust system for my dad's Christmas present this year.
    • Myself and a neighbour went halvers on a skip so the old roof went in it - except that bees had been starting a hive in the heap.
    • Had I known you were gettin a double and had you made the offer, I mighta come up and taken the 2nd bed and gone halvers with you.
    • Inasmuch as the contest was a traditional rivalry, both sides went halvers for a $10 umpire from Memphis, Tenn.
    • But Eve, angel that we all are, thought of him and went halvers with him.
    • Better yet, anyone wanna go halvers on an extended road trip to the southwest?