Translation of hamlet in Spanish:


aldea, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhæmlət//ˈhamlɪt/


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    aldea feminine
    caserío masculine
    poblado masculine
    • This close relationship with the area and its people had enabled him to make many friends in the mountain hamlets and villages of the Rhodopes.
    • These sessions generally include students from a central village and more remote hamlets nearby.
    • I am also after information on the surrounding hamlets and villages.
    • Army cartographers arrive in Victorian Ireland to rename villages, hamlets, roads.
    • The main town would be the central point of an area with the outriding hamlets and villages contributing to the town's collection.
    • Like a monstrous octopus, poverty spreads its nagging, prehensile tentacles into hamlets and villages all over our world.
    • Any graphic breach of etiquette will mostly likely be more noticeable in tiny hamlets and upcountry villages.
    • They live in villages, hamlets, and isolated farmsteads scattered across the island.
    • The coast I like, towns, villages, and even hamlets I like, but the countryside and I do not really get on.
    • In northern Sweden it was not uncommon for a dozen or more villages and hamlets to share a church.
    • The Evening Press is appealing for people who live in hamlets and small villages which do not have their own news outlet to step forward and help serve their community.
    • As Susan says, many of the region's most beautiful villages and hamlets are home also to unexpected shopping delights.
    • The school, when finished, will be home to about 500 kids from Eniwari village and surrounding hamlets.
    • The Slovak settlement pattern includes hamlets or colonies, villages, towns, and cities.
    • But in rural villages and hamlets of the Andean highlands, it remains partially intact.
    • Clémence Massart has been bringing Éigse out of the galleries and into the towns and villages and hamlets of Carlow this week.
    • Farms were grouped in small hamlets rather than villages (two to ten households).
    • I must have visited about 30 villages and hamlets to locate the tribe.
    • Thousands of villages and hamlets were connected by narrow paths, customs, and networks of marriage and trade partners.
    • Then there is of course the wholesale wiping out of some 300 hamlets and villages in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.