Translation of hammer in Spanish:


martillo, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈhæmər//ˈhamə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(tool)

      martillo masculine
      the hammer and sickle la hoz y el martillo
      • to go at it hammer and tongs (work) trabajar a toda máquina
      • Before you hit your sales reps with a lot of questions or break out the hammer and nails to begin building displays, do an assessment of your shop.
      • Then pull out the nails with a hammer or locking pliers.
      • Use a ball-peen hammer or a block of wood and a nail hammer to knock the tool head out of the ferule on the handle.
      • To drill through the tile you will need a hammer, a nail set, an electric drill and a masonry bit a little larger than the diameter of the screws you use.
      • Although the small shop houses a grinder-buffer, drill, bench sander and electric saw, most of the tools are primitive looking hammers, mallets and anvils.
      • They would also have used tools such as planes, axes, adzes, draw knives, wedges, knives, chisels, hammers, mallets, awls, gouges, and spoon augers (a type of drill).
      • Use a hammer and nail set to drive them below the surface.
      • Grip pressure should be firm but not tight - about the way you would grip a hammer's handle while driving nails.
      • Much of the work is done manually using basic tools like hammers, shovels, axes and mammoties, a spade-like implement common throughout Sri Lanka.
      • If all you have in your home is a broken screwdriver, a hammer without a handle, and one wrench you hope will happen to fit whatever bolt you encounter, you need some help.
      • I moved on to the engine room and took a good look around the engine and workshop area, which still held tools, spanners and hammers!
      • To do this, he says, you need two basic tools: a hammer and a screwdriver.
      • It wasn't until early last fall that I actually pulled it out of the plastic tub that houses my hammer, nails, and other unused tools.
      • He began the process of clipping various tools to his brother's belt - nail gun, replacement clips, throwing chisels, hammers, saw blades, sander, drill bits.
      • They have nail guns, hammers, drills, the whole lot; everything they need to facilitate the destruction.
      • Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.
      • In addition to Mike's skill and knowledge on the golf course, he's pretty handy with a hammer and nails and has quite a selection of tools in the garage.
      • Use a hammer and nail set or an electric drill with countersink bit to join the frame pieces.
      • I also need a hammer and nails, picture hooks and the step ladder.
      • That wood was probably going to go to some company and be used to make door stops or handles for axes or hammers or something like that.

    • 1.2(auctioneer's gavel)

      mazo masculine
      martillo masculine
      an important painting is to go under the hammer at next Tuesday's sale el martes que viene se rematará un cuadro importante South America
      • A auctioneer lowers his hammer as a painting believed to be a work by Vincent Van Gogh is sold for US $550,000 in Tokyo yesterday.
      • Worrall's book is a warning to anyone lured by the auctioneer's hammer.
      • This slim fast-talking man is a whiz with an auction hammer.
      • Before I knew it my arm flew up, the auctioneer banged the hammer down and she was mine!
      • City fans will be given a chance to get hold of their own piece of football history when items from Maine Road go under the auctioneer's hammers.

  • 2

    • 2.1(in piano)

      macillo masculine
      • Frames and slides are made to his specifications by a vendor, as are screws and springs, but Brown machines sears, hammers, safeties and most of the other small parts.
      • The SFS adds a mechanical hammer block to prevent the hammer from hitting the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.
      • If struck a hard blow, the hammers are designed to shear rather than override the sears.
      • On the other hand, Debussy seems at times to call for a delicacy beyond the capability of fingers or for a piano which has no hammers at all.
      • The safety also blocks the hammer from contact with the firing pin.

    • 2.2(in gun)

      percusor masculine
      percutor masculine

    • 2.3(in ear)

      martillo masculine
      • There they became the anvil and the hammer, minute bones that transmit sound from the eardrum to the stirrup bone and, ultimately, to the inner ear.
      • The findings are drawn from examination of the hammer, anvil and stirrup bones in the ears of Homo heidelbergensis fossils, also known as Boxgrove Man.
      • The drum vibrates with the sound and rattles three small bones: the hammer, anvil and stirrup.

  • 3

    martillo masculine
    to throw the hammer lanzar el martillo
    • who won the hammer? ¿quién ganó en martillo?
  • 4literary

    (crushing opponent)
    azote masculine literary

transitive verb

  • 1

    (nail) clavar
    (metal) martillar
    (metal) batir
    she tried to hammer the rules into them intentó meterles las reglas en la cabeza
    • And what about if the hockey was taking place on the same field that they were throwing the hammer and javelin.
    • He towered above others and could throw the hammer to a distance of around 190 feet.
    • Aidan Kelly scored top points when finishing in 1st place in the hammer with a throw of 36.24.
    • It is an Olympic sport, like rifle shooting, and throwing the hammer or the discus.
    • We are very strong here in Sligo on the track, but quite weak in some field events such as pole vault, high jump and hammer.
    • For Skyrac AC Nicola Jackson threw the hammer 39.22m for sixth place.
    • Olympic hammer champion Szymon Ziolkowski of Poland set a new world championship record to win gold ahead of Asian record holder Koji Murofushi.
    • There is also a track surface to provide a run-up for the javelin meaning the only disciplines the facility cannot currently play host to is the hammer and pole vault.
    • In the under-17 events, James Nagle won gold in the hammer and shot putt contests.
    • The City of Glasgow athlete has thrown 55.10m in the hammer this season - well over the qualification mark for the World Juniors.

    con un martillo

  • 2

    he hammered the ball into the net clavó el balón en la red
  • 3informal

    darle una paliza a informal
    they were / got hammered in their last game les dieron una paliza en el último partido informal
  • 4

    (person/policy/novel) triturar
    (person/policy/novel) criticar
  • 5

    to get hammered emborracharse

intransitive verb

  • 1

    dar golpes
    (with hammer) dar martillazos
    to hammer at sth golpear algo
    • to hammer on sth golpear algo
    • to hammer on the door golpear la puerta
    • the rain was hammering on the roof la lluvia martilleaba / golpeteaba sobre el tejado
  • 2

    my heart was hammering el corazón me latía con fuerza
    • my head was hammering tenía la cabeza a punto de estallar