Translation of hammer drill in Spanish:

hammer drill

perforadora de percusión, n.



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    perforadora de percusión feminine
    martillo perforador masculine
    • A contractor can switch the operating mode of the DV14DV rotary hammer from a driver drill to a hammer drill with just a turn of the tool's selection dial.
    • If you have a lot of holes to drill or are drilling unusually hard materials, you may need the extra power of a hammer drill.
    • The next door neighbour getting carried away with his hammer drill when the mood takes him, and his Alsatian's demented reactions, can rapidly unravel your sanity.
    • The hammer drill, with its ratchet-like impact mechanism, works best on brick, block, and light concrete, but not hard concrete (that is, high compressive strength concrete or that with large aggregate).
    • On one job, she dangled beneath the 90-foot-high arches of New York City's Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for more than three hours while installing crack gauges with a hammer drill.