Translation of hammock in Spanish:


hamaca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhamək//ˈhæmək/


  • 1

    hamaca feminine
    hamaca paraguaya feminine River Plate
    Nautical coy masculine
    • I looked up and saw a man sitting in a hammock that was strung across the ceiling.
    • I set up my tent; Marvin and Frankie string their hammocks.
    • When we arrived at a grass-thatched hut at sundown, we'd string up our hammocks and spend the night.
    • Thence in comparison to pricey couches, hammocks are more user-friendly.
    • In such areas it is not unusual for people to use hammocks rather than beds.
    • Guests staying in the courtyard also enjoy a private sundeck with sun beds and hammocks.
    • As there were many experiments, many of them had to sleep in hammocks or cots instead of regular beds.
    • For the modern Cuna, it provides fibers for making clothing, brooms, threads for sewing and weaving, lamp wicks, rope, and hammocks.
    • Some of the crew went off-shift, stringing up hybrid bunks and hammocks belowdecks, the others continued working.
    • They now approached a boy who lay back in a hammock strung between two large maple trees.
    • Elyante lead them to the cabin, where hammocks hung and a little table was bolted down in the middle.
    • Peering through windows offered a glimpse of how the real Mexicans live, and unearthed the interesting fact that here beds are a rarity, rope hammocks the norm.
    • We talk about natural childbirth and child spacing, swaddling, using cradleboards and hammocks, and carrying your baby.
    • Everyone else would sleep on the lower deck in hammocks that were strung from one side rail to the other side rail of the lower deck.
    • Sunbathing on the cute white sandy beach hugging the lagoon is slightly congested but pleasant, with hammocks strung among the palm trees.
    • I love the rope hammocks but I think the mesh would be even nicer.
    • Then again, maybe if I ask nicely, the boss will let me string a hammock under my desk.
    • Each has a balcony, complete with wicker chairs and a hammock - many guests choose to sleep in the latter.
    • I try to take a break next door in one of Rusco garden furniture's comfy rope hammocks, but the saleslady sees I'm way too snug and turfs me out sharpish.
    • At night we sleep in hammocks strung between two trees on the bank, and keep our fire lit, to keep jaguars and other animals away.