Translation of hand in Spanish:


mano, n.

Pronunciation /hænd//hand/


  • 1

    mano feminine
    I received it from the king's own hand lo recibí de manos del rey
    • you couldn't see your hand in front of your face no se veía nada
    • to be good / clever with one's hands ser hábil con las manos
    • with one's own hands con sus (/ mis etc. ) propias manos
    • he killed it with his bare hands lo mató a mano limpia
    • to give sb one's hand darle la mano a algn
    • they were holding hands when they arrived llegaron tomados / agarrados de la mano
    • I need somebody to hold my hand necesito que alguien me dé ánimos
    • I took Mary's hand in mine to take her across the road le di la mano a Mary para cruzar la calle
    • he took me by the hand me tomó / agarró de la mano
    • we were all on our hands and knees, looking for the ring estábamos todos a gatas / en cuatro patas, buscando el anillo
    • he wouldn't give it to me even if I went down on my hands and knees no me lo daría ni aunque se lo pidiera de rodillas
    • to have/hold sth in one's hands tener/llevar algo en la mano
    • to hold on with both hands agarrarse / sujetarse con las dos manos
    • look, no hands! mira ¡sin manos!
    • to hold out one's hand to sb tenderle la mano a algn
    • to join hands darse la(s) mano(s)
    • we join hands with your people in deploring the events nos solidarizamos con vuestro pueblo al expresar nuestra repulsa
    • hands off! ¡no toques!
    • hands off those watercolors! ¡no me toques las acuarelas!
    • hands off our schools! ¡dejen en paz nuestros colegios!
    • hand on heart, I didn't mean it de veras, no fue esa mi intención
    • can you put (your) hand on (your) heart and say it isn't true? ¿puedes decir que no es verdad con la mano en el corazón?
    • to put one's hand up / to raise one's hand levantar la mano
    • hands up all those in favor que levanten la mano los que estén a favor
    • hands up or I'll shoot! ¡manos arriba / arriba las manos o disparo!
    • to raise one's hand to / against sb levantarle la mano a algn
    • my father never raised a hand to me mi padre nunca me levantó la mano / nunca me puso la mano encima
    • from hand to hand de mano en mano
    • she climbed the rope hand over hand trepó palmo a palmo por la cuerda
    • they were fighting hand to hand luchaban cuerpo a cuerpo
    • a piece for four hands una pieza para cuatro manos
    • hand-sewn / -stitched cosido a mano
    • hand-painted pintado a mano
    • Father and son put their hands palm to palm, separated by the glass.
    • Drop the pulleys to the lowest setting, grasp a handle in each hand and lie back on the bench.
    • Squeeze the soil ball between your thumb and fingers in the palm of your hand to make a ribbon.
    • Ever since she has taken to wearing her bag over her shoulder with her other hand pushed through the handles and in her pocket.
    • Martindale's hand was up in the air like a schoolboy waiting for the teacher to call on him.
    • Fold the thumb of the left hand into the palm of the hand and wrap the fingers around the thumb.
    • She grinned and pulled a triangle of white paper out of her pocket and put it in Faith's hand.
    • Hold your hands, palms downwards, over the cloth and send your witch-power into the herbs.
    • Flatten the pieces out in the palm of your hand, stretching with your fingers.
    • The rash doesn't itch and is usually on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.
    • The spike from the fence went through his wrist and into the palm of his hand.
    • He opened his eyes, looking up to see the woman's hand holding a damp cloth to his face.
    • I raised both of my hands, palms outward, and performed some of the most basic bhangra moves.
    • Four days later he developed a mild temperature, a sore throat, blisters on the palms of his hands and weals on his tongue.
    • Fingers, thumbs and hands were broken in combat, but there are few visible signs of the mutilation.
    • She was holding a duffel bag and pair of high heels in one hand, and a bottle of Tylenol in the other.
    • He suddenly cries out in pain as the hot knife handle burns his hand, but he doesn't let go.
    • She holds a vessel in one hand and a cloth in another as she pours a libation before him.
    • After burning incense on the stove, he began to chant, holding out his hands with his palms upward.
    • He ties the man's hand in front of his chest with a length of gauze, and wraps the body in a sheet.
  • 2

    (in phrases)
    at hand
    • the day of the opening was at hand el día de la inauguración estaba próximo
    • help was at hand la ayuda estaba en camino
    • to learn about sth at first hand enterarse de algo de primera mano
    • to learn about sth at second/third hand enterarse de algo a través de / por terceros
    • he heard of her marriage only at second hand from her brother se enteró de que se había casado a través de / por su hermano
    • (on envelope) by hand en su mano
    • made/written by hand hecho/escrito a mano
    • it must be washed by hand hay que lavarlo a mano
    • he delivered the letter by hand entregó la carta en mano / personalmente
    • (on envelope) by hand en su mano
    • hand in hand de la mano
    • poverty and disease go hand in hand la pobreza y la enfermedad van de la mano
    • in hand
    • glass/hat in hand vaso/sombrero en mano
    • sword in hand espada en mano / en ristre
    • (in accounting) cash in hand caja
    • to pay cash in hand pagar en metálico / en efectivo
    • please concentrate on the task in hand concéntrate en lo que tienes entre manos
    • of the projects we have currently in hand ... de los proyectos que tenemos entre manos ...
    • let's get back to the matter in / at hand volvamos a lo que nos ocupa
    • I like to keep a few dollars in hand for unforeseen eventualities me gusta tener unos dólares disponibles / en reserva para cualquier imprevisto
    • we've still got a couple of hours in hand before we go to the airport todavía nos queda un par de horas antes de ir al aeropuerto
    • to have sth (well) in hand tener algo controlado / bajo control
    • that boy needs taking in hand a ese chico va a haber que apretarle las clavijas
    • on hand
    • we're always on hand when you need us si nos necesitas, aquí estamos
    • the police were on hand la policía estaba cerca
    • it's useful to have it on hand es útil tenerlo a mano
    • out of hand
    • the boys get out of hand when their father is away los chicos se descontrolan cuando el padre no está
    • the situation is getting out of hand la situación se les (/ nos etc. ) va de las manos
    • to reject sth out of hand rechazar algo de plano
    • to hand (within reach) al alcance de la mano
    • I don't have your file to hand no tengo su archivo a (la) mano
    • according to the information to hand según la información disponible
    • I can't find it now, but I'm sure it will come to hand no lo encuentro en este momento, pero ya aparecerá
    • she grabbed the first thing that came to hand agarró lo primero que encontró
    • hand in glove /hand and glove
    • they're allegedly hand in glove with their competitors to fix prices se dice que se han puesto de acuerdo con la competencia para fijar los precios
    • hand over fist a manos llenas
    • her/his left hand doesn't know what her/his right hand is doing su mano izquierda no sabe lo que hace su derecha
    • not to do a hand's turn no dar golpe
    • to ask for/win sb's hand (in marriage) pedir/obtener la mano de algn (en matrimonio)
    • to beat sb/win hands down ganarle a algn/ganar sin problemas / sin el menor esfuerzo
    • to bind sb hand and foot amarrar a algn de pies y manos
    • we're bound hand and foot estamos atados de pies y manos
    • to bite the hand that feeds one ser un desagradecido
    • talk about biting the hand that feeds you! ¡cría cuervos ... !
    • to dirty / sully one's hands
    • she wouldn't dirty her hands with typing no se rebajaría a hacer de mecanógrafa: se le caerían los anillos
    • he's already dirtied his hands with arms dealing ya se ha ensuciado las manos comerciando con armas
    • to force sb's hand
    • events forced their hand los acontecimientos los obligaron a actuar
    • I didn't want to, but you forced my hand no quería hacerlo, pero no me dejaste otra salida
    • to gain/have the upper hand
    • eventually she gained the upper hand over her rival finalmente se impuso a su rival
    • she's always had the upper hand in their relationship siempre ha dominado ella en su relación
    • to get one's hands on sb/sth
    • just wait till I get my hands on him! ¡vas a ver cuando lo agarre!
    • she can't wait to get her hands on the new computer se muere por usar la computadora nueva
    • I've been trying to get my hands on that book for ages hace años que ando tras ese libro
    • to give sb/have a free hand darle a algn/tener carta blanca
    • to give sb one's hand on sth
    • he gave me his hand on it and the bargain was sealed cerramos el trato con un apretón de manos
    • to give sb the glad hand saludar a algn efusivamente
    • to give with one hand and take away with the other borrar con el codo lo que se escribe con la mano
    • to go hat / cap in hand (to sb)
    • the next day, hat in hand, I apologized to the boss al día siguiente me tragué el orgullo y le pedí perdón al jefe
    • I can't stand the way you have to go hat in hand to her for the smallest request no soporto que hasta el menor favor se lo tengas que pedir de rodillas
    • we had to go to them hat in hand asking for more money tuvimos que ir a mendigarles más dinero
    • to grab / grasp / seize sth with both hands
    • it was a wonderful opportunity and she grabbed it with both hands era una oportunidad fantástica y no dejó que se le escapara de las manos
    • to have one's hands full
    • she certainly has her hands full with seven children por cierto que tiene en qué entretenerse, con siete niños
    • at the moment we've got our hands full with this order en este momento estamos ocupadísimos con este pedido
    • to have one's hands tied tener las manos amarradas
    • my/his hands are tied tengo/tiene las manos amarradas
    • to have sb eating out of one's hand manejar a algn a su (/ mi etc. ) antojo
    • she had them eating out of her hand hacía con ellos lo que quería
    • to keep one's hand in no perder la práctica
    • to know a place like the back of one's hand conocer un sitio al dedillo / como la palma de la mano
    • she knows Paris like the back of her hand (se) conoce París al dedillo / como la palma de la mano
    • to live (from) hand to mouth vivir al día
    • to put / dip one's hand in one's pocket contribuir con dinero
    • to put / lay one's hand(s) on sth dar con algo
    • to sit on one's hands (in idle, defiant attitude) cruzarse de brazos
    • to stay one's/sb's hand (from sth)
    • they begged him to stay his hand le rogaron que se contuviera
    • she managed to stay his hand from that dreadful act logró impedir que cometiera semejante barbaridad
    • to try one's hand (at sth) probar (a hacer algo)
    • to turn one's hand to sth
    • I'm willing to turn my hand to anything estoy dispuesto a hacer cualquier tipo de trabajo
    • he was a success in everything he turned his hand to todo lo que se proponía (hacer) le salía bien
    • to wait on sb hand and foot hacerle de sirviente/sirvienta a algn
    • to wash one's hands of sth lavarse las manos de algo
    • many hands make light work el trabajo compartido es más llevadero
  • 3

    • 3.1(agency)

      mano feminine
      the hand of God/Fate la mano de Dios/del destino
      • to die by one's own hand quitarse la vida
      • to have a hand in sth tener parte en algo
      • the town had suffered at the hands of invaders la ciudad había sufrido a manos de los invasores
      • that child needs a firm hand a ese niño le hace falta mano dura
      • to rule with a heavy/iron hand mandar/gobernar con mano dura/de hierro
      • with an open hand generosamente
      • Generous in his praise of those around him, Lewis singled out his mother, who is reported to have had a big hand in his retirement.
      • Dave Robinson starred as he scored one and had a hand in the other four goals.
      • He had a hand in all four goals that gave Celtic an astonishing victory over the Serie A giants.
      • She has no doubt that Irving had a big hand in her rise to the top ranks of the world's squash players.
      • Reg Goodfellow, with two goals and two assists, had a hand in all four La Broquerie goals.
      • Ms Bradford, who is in the House today, had a big hand in helping us with the process of planning.
      • He scored a fine individual try, had a big hand in Austerfield's brace and threatened the Batley line time and again.
      • Keep in mind, the broad that runs this joint had a big hand in helping these folks out.

    • 3.2(assistance)

      to give / lend sb a hand echarle / darle una mano a algn
      • if we all lend a hand, it won't take long si todos echamos una mano, lo haremos en un momento
      • do you need/want a hand with that? ¿te echo / doy una mano con eso?
      • if you need a hand si necesitas ayuda
      • "Do you need a hand?" I ask.
      • Bradford's Industrial Museum has been giving a helping hand to a textile archive in Leeds.

    • 3.3hands pl(possession, control, care)

      to change hands cambiar de dueño / manos
      • a few dollars changed hands and it was mine les di unos dólares y era mío
      • the contract is now in the hands of the lawyer ahora el contrato está en manos del abogado
      • your future lies in your own hands tú eres dueño de tu futuro
      • can I leave the matter in your hands? ¿puedo dejar el asunto en tus manos?
      • in private hands en manos (de) particulares
      • in good/capable hands en buenas manos
      • my life is in your hands mi vida depende de ti
      • how did that vase come into your hands? ¿cómo llegó a tus manos ese jarrón?
      • he/it fell into the hands of the enemy / into enemy hands cayó en manos del enemigo
      • to put oneself in sb's hands ponerse en manos de algn
      • to get sth/sb off one's hands quitarse algo/a algn de encima
      • he offered to take it off my hands for $500 me dijo que me daba 500 dólares por él para quitármelo de encima
      • on sb's hands
      • she hates having the children on her hands all day long detesta tener a los niños a su cuidado todo el día
      • I've enough on my hands just now without that as well tengo ya bastante entre manos como para meterme también en eso
      • to have more time on one's hands tener más tiempo libre
      • we've got a problem on our hands tenemos / se nos presenta un problema
      • I think we may have a bestseller on our hands creo que estamos frente a un posible bestseller
      • out of sb's hands
      • the matter is out of my hands el asunto no está en mis manos
      • the decision has been taken out of his hands la decisión ya no está en sus manos
      • to play into sb's hands
      • the strikers are playing into the management's hands los huelguistas le están haciendo el juego / se lo están poniendo en bandeja a la patronal

  • 4

    on sb's right/left hand a la derecha/izquierda de algn
    • on every hand por todas partes
    • on the one hand ... on the other (hand) ... por un lado ... por otro (lado) ...
  • 5

    • 5.1(set of cards)

      mano feminine
      (feminine plural) cartas
      a good/poor hand buenas/malas cartas
      • to overplay one's hand jugar mal sus (/ mis etc. ) cartas
      • to show / reveal one's hand mostrar / enseñar las cartas
      • to strengthen sb's hand afianzar la posición de algn
      • to throw in one's hand (to abandon a course of action, plan) tirar la toalla / esponja
      • to tip one's hand dejar ver sus (/ mis etc. ) intenciones
      • It's like being dealt a hand of cards, before arranging them into suits.
      • When I came back out, Torin had dealt us both a hand and had a steaming mug of hot chocolate laid out for me.
      • Paul won almost by default because of Jon's lousy hand in the first round.
      • In case of a tie between two hands, the discarded card is used to decide which is better.
      • Michael then asks Heather if she's ever felt that she's been dealt a bad hand.
      • If anyone else has these in their hand at the end of a round their entire hand is worthless!
      • Players are dealt a hand of five cards and play is around the table as one would expect.
      • The total value of all the cards in the hands of the other players is added to the winner's cumulative score.
      • Even at this stage of life fate dealt a tough hand to Matty as far as his family was concerned, he was never to see them again.
      • This is the equivalent of slow-playing a brilliant hand at poker, so that you draw in your prey.
      • You may draw the top card off the stock pile, and then discard one card from your hand.
      • Alice de Souza has dealt herself a winning hand and she has played it skillfully.
      • The event promises to be a great day out and full of fun as we raise money to help the unfortunates dealt such a cruel hand in life.
      • The same applies if a team has a meld of less than seven pure aces and three or more aces in a player's hand.
      • Even if you are dealt a bad hand, you might still see or raise a bet, or even bet all your chips at once.
      • There will be a new hand dealt in Malaysia and I think that we have a chance of doing well.
      • Yes, he was dealt a hard hand by fate, but should he have gone the way he did?
      • But to be Franck is to be polite, cultured and dignified enough to accept the hand dealt by the game's fates.
      • Up to dinner I played very well with the little that I was given, only going into about four or five hands and winning them all.
      • If the joker is turned up, there are no wild cards and the value of the hand is doubled.

    • 5.2(round of card game)

      mano feminine
      • He played golf into his late 80s, tended a large garden, and played a fine hand at bridge.
      • When one player has won four tricks, the hand is over and that player is the winner.
      • There is bad news today for any bald, guitar-playing Afghani who likes a hand of Bridge.

    • 5.3(player)

      jugador masculine
      jugadora feminine

  • 6

    • 6.1

      (worker) obrero masculine
      (worker) obrera feminine
      farm hand peón masculine Latin America
      • they're taking on new hands están contratando más mano de obra / más trabajadores
      • Poor bastard must wake up in a shipwreck every morning - hands on the mast and seamen everywhere.
      • He had a stable hand hitch up the horses and then he helped Lydia up into the buggy.
      • She ordered one of the stable hands to put the horse back in his stall, and left the training ring.
      • It concerns a factory hand who is sent to Coventry by his co-workers when he refuses to go on strike.
      • Workers back then were beings with blue collars, drivers or wharfies or factory hands.
      • She had starred at the wood each morning since she had been hired as a hand on farm at the age of 12.
      • All of the horses had to be led down to the bottom of the field by stable hands as firefighters dealt with the flames.
      • When they reached the castle she gave her horse to a stable hand and headed for her room.
      • The village itself, built to house agricultural hands, now has just two men thus employed.
      • Roger also worked as a bus boy, a kitchen hand, and a labourer on many different sites.
      • She nodded as if agreeing with him and then called over some stable hands to take the horses.
      • Hanssen's ship now looks ready to go down with all hands on board.

    • 6.2Nautical

      marinero masculine
      the hands gathered on the foredeck la marinería se congregó en la cubierta de proa
      • all hands on deck ¡todos a cubierta!
      • the ship went down with all hands el barco se hundió con toda la tripulación a bordo

    • 6.3(experienced person)

      an old hand una veterana
      • he's an old hand at negotiating tiene mucha experiencia en negociaciones

  • 7informal

    a big hand un gran aplauso
    • let's have a really big hand for ... un gran aplauso para ...
    • Step forward our friends at - you guessed it, give them a big hand - Scotland on Sunday.
    • Let's give them each a big hand.
    • What scares me is that many of those who voted for her in the past now think she's insane, and yet she gets a big hand abroad.
  • 8literary

    letra feminine
    she writes a neat/clear hand tiene buena letra/una letra muy clara
    • the letter was in her own hand la carta era de su puño y letra
    • Even fountain pens, though invented around 1884, were thought to be incompatible with a neat hand, and ballpoints were definitely the devil's invention.
    • This manuscript is written in a bold hand, with black ink, and is illuminated with rude portraits of the Evangelists.
  • 9

    (on a clock)
    manecilla feminine
    aguja feminine
    the hour hand el puntero Andes
    • the minute hand el minutero
    • the second hand el segundero
    • Everywhere I looked were clocks without hands and forks without knives.
    • The clock's hands pointed at the twelve and six, reflecting his initial sense of time.
    • He closed his eyes and the clock's hands began to whirl, the numbers glowing softly.
    • But then the clock beside it has hands and ticks, which probably dates it a bit.
    • Jane swung the bulk of her pack onto her right shoulder like the hand of a clock striking zero hour.
    • I have a pint of Guinness as we chat and then a second as the clock hands crawl past one.
    • Time passes again, the same clock hands spin madly, the same bells ring and the same chimes chime.
    • As what seemed to be the result of the flash, the three hands of the clock began to speed up.
    • What kind of food makes people weep or sets them moving around a table like the hands of a clock?
    • There was a clock and the hands would move when a fast food company sold x amount of burgers.
    • The gigantic hands of the clock watching over us up on the wall made me impatient.
    • That is, the hands of the circadian clock are moved forward or backwards.
    • She glances up at the clock then places a hand on her chest, always the drama queen.
    • The hands of Bella's clock quietly ticked away as she stared down at the five outfits on her bed.
    • In fact, the hands of the clock above the mirrored bar stand still, encouraging you to linger.
    • He glanced at the clock, the big hand on the twelve and the small one on the nine.
    • Rotating his body like the hand of a clock, he shuffled around the lamb, examining it from every angle.
    • I could barely make out the golden hands of the clock in the dim light of the candle.
    • The hands of the clock began to spin so fast that each minute the clock chimed a new hour.
  • 10

    (measurement of horse)
    palmo masculine
    • Direct Access is no pony himself and at 17 hands is the biggest horse in Lungo's yard.
    • How many hands high was Secretariat?

transitive verb

  • 1

    to hand sb sth
    • to hand sth to sb pasarle algo a algn
    • could you hand me that hammer, please? ¿me pasas ese martillo, por favor?
    • she handed the book to her father le pasó el libro a su padre
    • he was handed a stiff sentence le impusieron una pena severa
    • Smith handed Jones an easy victory Smith le regaló la victoria a Jones
    • to hand it to sb
    • you have to hand it to her; she knows how to deal with them hay que reconocerlo / hay que sacarle el sombrero, sabe cómo manejarlos