Translation of hand-rear in Spanish:


criar como animal doméstico, v.

Pronunciation /ˈhændˈrɪr//ˌhændˈrɪə(r)/

transitive verb

  • 1

    criar como animal doméstico
    • A maximum of six chicks were hand-reared at any given time.
    • The baby rabbits are nine days old and are now being hand-reared around the clock.
    • Farmers could find themselves breaking the new rules by moving young stock, including pet lambs which need hand-rearing.
    • She will also be helping to hand-rear orphaned animals.
    • Of the 21 chicks recovered in 2000 to 2001, 15 were returned to their parents and six had to be hand-reared in a bird rehabilitation center.
    • I've got 11 sheep of my own that have all been hand-reared.
    • Roberts raises usually 13 youngsters a year, some of which are left with their parents, while others are removed for hand-rearing, with the parents sometimes laying again.
    • Tame young birds are kept in adjacent pens, so that the hand-reared birds will be familiar with other members of their species.
    • In such cases, the young storks are hand-reared.
    • The piglets, who have been rejected by their mother, are being hand-reared at the school.
    • Today, though, most game sold in our supermarkets has been hand-reared or farmed, and its special aromas and flavours are diminished.
    • But several hours later the week-old baby was be-coming dehydrated, so she decided to try to hand-rear him using a syringe filled with sugar water.
    • A NEW brooder room for incubating eggs and hand-rearing baby birds is to be formally opened at the Johannesburg Zoo.
    • More and more rhinos are being hand-reared in small areas for hunting purposes.
    • More than 1,500 hand-reared heath fritillary butterflies have been reintroduced into their former natural habitat.
    • The chicks are being hand-reared in a Department of Conservation "safe house".
    • She's hand-rearing this cheetah cub, just one of the many she's nurtured to adulthood.
    • Previously most reintroduction efforts consisted mainly in transferring hand-reared birds directly into the wild.
    • But the foal's mother still refused to accept him and ever since Mrs White has been hand-rearing him.
    • Romina was born at Rome Zoo and hand-reared by keepers.