Translation of handful in Spanish:


puñado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhan(d)f(ə)l//ˈhæn(d)ˌfʊl//ˈhan(d)fʊl/


  • 1

    puñado masculine
    his hair was coming out by the handful el pelo se le caía a mechones / manojos
    • Of the 72 people who have been through his doors only a handful have given up.
    • Only a handful of customers are inside the scattering of pubs in the Square.
    • The plan is simple: with only a few attacks (they probably only have a few handfuls of men) they generate news, this news in turn generates comment, the comment stirs up the blogosphere.
    • A strut, a bit of attitude, a handful of sexy dance moves and the pop world is yours.
    • Among these networks were more than a handful of sports speciality channels.
    • Do you think that it's healthy for our Democracy that because of gerrymandering, only handfuls of House races are now actually competitive races?
    • They know the elusive swing voters scattered in a handful of key states want moderation, not aggression.
    • She delivers only a handful of lines but a truckload of kicks and punches.
    • When the fish melt away, introduce a handful of maggots and the same amount of hemp on to the clear patch.
    • By now you can fairly expect that the Doubting Thomases left will be just a handful.
    • There always seem to be a handful of co-writes with his wife on every release.
    • All sandwiches come with a handful of nachos and some tasty homemade salsa.
    • They were replaced by a distant silver moon and a handful of scattered shiny stars.
    • Among the group's upmarket names, Bentley is probably cost-effective, but Lamborghini and Bugatti sell only in handfuls and must be a huge drain on resources.
    • All you need is a handful of youths, small arms and some explosives.
    • By February, 900 miners had abandoned the strike; at the pit gates, handfuls of pickets made desultory shouts of ‘scab’ as the trickle of working miners became a flood.
    • The tiny handful of ranch and farm locals tried to fill me in on who some of the folks were.
    • This is among the handful of critical comments Lynch utters in the course of the book.
    • Despite having a fair amount of interest only a handful of people took the plunge.
    • When the bill originally sailed through Congress, only a small handful of Members had been permitted to read it.
  • 2

    (small number)
    puñado masculine
    only a handful of people were there había poca gente
  • 3

    (troublesome person or people)
    they are a real handful dan mucho trabajo
    • He is a handful alright, they have a legitimate big man again.
    • He is a handful right now, into everything, chewing on anything he can find.
    • He is a good fighter and was a rough handful, but Harry dealt with him very well.
    • The hound has to be a real character who tends to be bossy and, maybe, has become too much of a handful for his owners to deal with.
    • He was learning she could be quite a handful, challenging him in ways he did not expect.