Translation of handgrip in Spanish:


empuñadura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhan(d)ɡrɪp//ˈhæn(d)ˌɡrɪp/


  • 1

    (of racket, bat etc) empuñadura feminine
    (of bicycle) puño masculine
    • For a double challenge, release the handgrips and just rest your hands on the handles for balance, not support.
    • You twist the handgrip to pivot left or right, lean the platform forward to go faster, and rock it back to slow down or stop.
    • The arrow should be placed in the centre of the bowstring with the shaft resting on the bow just above your handgrip.
    • Stopping is accomplished by squeezing the handgrips, with the brakes operating in an on-off fashion.
    • Bayonet mounts, flash suppressors, and ventilated handgrips were some of the requirements that were previously necessary to ban a weapon.
    • I long to own a sword of my own, with handgrips made of sharkskin and a blade that I have sharpened to a point where it could cut through this cherry blossom tree in two swipes of the blade.
    • Ergonomic, non-slip rubber handgrips make for easy holding.
    • They leap at the door, pressing release buttons, the magnetic cuffs whipping back from the cables onto their handgrips.
    • During the summer months, they can help you keep a better grip on the handgrips when your hands begin to sweat from the heat.
    • The surgeon uses handgrips and foot pedals to control the three robotic arms that perform the actual surgical procedure.
    • Never squeeze handgrips tightly but maintain a loose comfortable grip (a tight grip elevates blood pressure).
    • To operate the by-wire systems, drivers brake and accelerate using two handgrips, which glide up and down for steering.
    • It features an 8-inch touch-navigation screen and rubberized handgrips that vibrate for heightened effect.
    • In operations during hours of darkness, enemy positions were marked using the 9mm laser mounted on the handgrip of the 9mm pistol.
    • For instance the tailgate top window is hinged providing an opening for smaller items to be loaded, while the tailgate itself has good handgrips.
    • The proportions were odd, with cut-down stocks and a smaller handgrip to accommodate shorter trigger fingers.
    • A brass plate on the underside of the handgrip handle reads: Patented Dec.8, 1883.
    • You twist the right handgrip to accelerate and grip the bike-style brakes to stop.
    • The genius part is that height and rebound are fully adjustable courtesy of handgrips, you don't need tools to give the tortured undercarriage some breathing space on the road.
    • Instead of that wheel, you may find a pair of handgrips.