Translation of handhold in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhændˌhoʊld//ˈhandhəʊld/


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    • However, he added, visitors to this and any other cemetery should take extra care near to memorials and headstones and never use them as handholds to help them while kneeling down or standing up.
    • There are no handholds, so I bang repeatedly against the roof.
    • He grabbed it, and for one terrifying moment was hanging in mid-air with only two handholds; but then he found a foothold just before his grip slipped.
    • They hang from the bus, with half a big toe firmly planted on the footboard, and one hand grappling the handhold meant to help people get in.
    • She places her boot on the first foothold, and reaches for the handholds.
    • And there's something poetic in the way the handful of people, and the dozens of worn, yellow painted handholds resonate in their gentle movements.
    • Another is stranded, frustrated, in the middle of the wall, stretching for out-of-reach handholds.
    • She found two handholds she could reach and a slight indentation under the water offered her a place to put her feet.
    • He slammed his blade into the hull of the tank, using the holes made as handholds.
    • The brown rectangles here are good, solid footholds; the blue circles are small, rounded, slippery handholds that you could not put your weight on - your hands are not strong enough to grip them tightly.
    • I forced myself up from the bed, gasping and gripping whatever handholds I could find.
    • They conveniently happened to be in the best places for footholds and handholds.
    • The cowboy uses one arm to hold onto the handhold and has to try to stay on for eight seconds.
    • It seems like every time I go climbing on a sandstone formation, I break off a handhold, yet I can't put a dent in this boulder.
    • Going down had been easy, but with no handholds or footholds, coming up was proving to be much harder than I'd expected.
    • Formidable teeth and jaws were required to face a fox in closed quarters, while the tail needed to be sufficiently long to provide a handhold by which the dog could be pulled from shallow holes.
    • I'd managed to scramble up to the crest on what was basically slate: handholds and footholds tended to detach themselves in small, take-home-and-keep pieces.
    • The pillar appeared to be miles wide, and as she peered at it she could see small indents - handholds.
    • Nobody would want the seats on buses, instead we'd fight for the handholds and the over-head bars, and buses would go past with people swinging like carcasses on meat hooks.
    • We plunged into the deep, narrow ravine, grasping for handholds on the sheer sidewalls, disturbing spiders' silk strands strung across the path.

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