Translation of handiwork in Spanish:


trabajo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhandɪwəːk//ˈhændiˌwərk/


  • 1

    trabajo masculine
    his superb handiwork su estupendo trabajo
    • A delicately stitched 19th century sampler conveys the idea of women's handiwork and family bonds.
    • ‘Fireworks are still made by hand and fired by human handiwork,’ Nigel says.
    • Many artists have grown accustomed to the benefits of preparatory staffs' knowledge and handiwork.
    • Peter Squire was employed to do intermittent handiwork at a friend's Linslade Street house and was given a set of door keys to let himself in.
    • In his early years, George would have been much sought after for his handiwork skills, particularly woodwork.
    • She doesn't understand why her handiwork gradually ceased to be in demand.
    • It was all Jalal's psychotic handiwork and I did not have anything to do with.
    • Botched handiwork by incompetent tradesmen is costing Britons millions of pounds, a new survey claims today.
    • Impressed by his unauthorised handiwork, Google proceeded to hire him.
    • Scenes behind me are assumed to be Ivan's handiwork in Grenada, back when it was still a category three storm.
    • A surgeon's handiwork had left 20-something stitches in a long, straight wound.
    • He has no problem with council handiwork such as the O'Connell Street plaza being ripped up, if necessary.
    • She is inspired by traditional woman's handiwork like crocheting and knitting, she says.
    • At the beach we observed the patient handiwork of rock balancing artists.
  • 2

    artesanías feminine
    objetos artesanales masculine
    the children's handiwork was on display los trabajos manuales de los niños estaban expuestos
    • Mr Clark said: ‘It's not too far for our own volunteers to come to see their handiwork in action.’
    • It was left to Acting Governor Jane Swift to undo their handiwork.
    • Then one would be confronted by one's own handiwork, waiting there on that ledge, like giddy children queuing at the top of a waterslide.
    • On the other hand, in the early days a considerable percentage of our hits were by ourselves, admiring our own handiwork.
    • Prior to the big night, Higgins tests his handiwork at the Ascot races where Eliza captures the heart of Freddy Eynsford-Hill.
    • The younger cop pondered my handiwork, unsure how to answer.
    • Their handiwork has been only too apparent in recent months on the riverbank, in the Fulford Cross allotments, and in Hospital Fields Road.
    • He's a staff tandem instructor at Raven, and gets to see his handiwork in use almost every day.
    • She groaned as she did, making a mental note to mend the slightly torn cover even if her sewing handiwork wasn't of the best quality.
    • He knew I was happy with his handiwork and broke his silence.
    • Mr McCashney then treated all the volunteers to a barbecue and river cruise after the clean up so they could peruse their handiwork.
    • It stocks exclusively handloom sarees, and this is evident from the intricate handiwork and embroidery on the latest arrivals.
    • In the same way, the earth is God's creation, His handiwork, made for His glory.
    • Tanj held her pose, kneeling in front of the Bear, as the Instructor moved off to examine Kayla's handiwork.
    • Passers-by stop to compliment him on his handiwork.
    • Webster sat looking pleased with his handiwork.
    • Resident Colin Spivey discovered their handiwork this weekend after leaving his local B & Q superstore to load his car.
    • Enterprising supporters, including York College students and two patients at the hospice, have made and sold their own handiwork.
    • Down in the main hall, the decorating team had finished their handiwork.
    • Ron Casey, often called ‘Wan’, came to see it and later rang me to say how much he enjoyed my dramatic handiwork.
    • Despite her handiwork having decorated the entire village for many carnivals, Wendy remains modest about her achievement.
    • Shane Dow, a crew member, stands back to admire his handiwork after painstakingly filling in Mickey Mouse's ears.
    • I'm just going to gaze at it admiringly now as if it is my own handiwork…
    • So confident was he in his skill that more often than not he calmly moved to one side when the chimney dropped, later emerging from the dust to inspect his handiwork.
    • Gazing at this handiwork, I was reminded of my childhood desire to break such glass structures to see how these patterns got inside.
    • As for director Christine Jeffs' handiwork, it is marquetry done in mittens.
  • 3derogatory

    obra feminine
    it looks like Laura's handiwork to me a mí me parece obra de Laura