Translation of handle in Spanish:


asa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhændl//ˈhand(ə)l/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (with masculine article in the singular) (of cup, jug) asa feminine
      (of door) picaporte masculine
      (knob) pomo masculine
      (of drawer) tirador masculine
      (of drawer) manija feminine
      (of broom, knife, spade) mango masculine
      (with masculine article in the singular) (of bag, basket) asa feminine
      (of wheelbarrow, stretcher) brazo masculine
      (of pump) manivela feminine
      to get a handle on sth encontrarle el truco a algo

    • 1.2informal

      (opportunity) oportunidad feminine
      (pretext) pretexto masculine
      (pretext) excusa feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (title)

      to have a handle to one's name tener un título

    • 2.2slang (name)

      nombre masculine

  • 3

    asidero masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(touch)

      please do not handle the goods se ruega no tocar la mercancía
      • [ S ]handle with care frágil
      • I'd handle it more gently if I were you, it's very delicate yo que tú lo trataría con más cuidado, es muy frágil
      • (in soccer) Smith handled the ball Smith tocó la pelota con la mano

    • 1.2(manipulate, manage)

      (vehicle/weapon) manejar
      he has no idea how to handle a saw no tiene ni idea de cómo se maneja / se usa una sierra
      • great care is needed in handling these chemicals se debe tener mucho cuidado al manipular estos productos químicos
      • Most of the persons handling such contraptions are not properly trained or qualified to deal with emergencies.
      • I even heard the supervisors talking about it.… we are committed to handling and processing chickens as humanely as possible.
      • While the meal does not have to be eaten in its entirety, the food itself should be handled and treated with respect, since it represents the finest that the hosts can provide.
      • Bowles' handling of the ship made the view eastward visible.
      • They are supposedly the people who know how to handle money.
      • Far from being a mere passenger, Hattie kept the ship's weather logs, learned celestial navigation and even handled the vessel on some occasions.
      • So they're rushing in trying to vaccinate their chicken flocks, and they're also trying to get some Tamiflu, which is a drug for people who might be handling them.
      • He's learned how to handle the Indy cars, which are heavier and more powerful than anything he's run before.
      • Its lack of depth makes it more difficult each year to handle the newer, larger and deeper vessels plying the southern African route.
      • This includes handling weapons and in the higher ranks dealing with risk management and small aircraft operation.
      • The dishes for the food should be clean and handled by the server in such a way that no hands touch them before yours.
      • Known for its bare looks, tough build and raw power, it took a strong man to handle the vehicle even on smooth tarmac.
      • Last month he was jailed for six months for handling the car, driving a high performance vehicle without the proper licence, and having no insurance.
      • The delivery vehicle is handled by friendly and well-trained persons.
      • Jane Mulkerrins joins an army driving course to learn how to handle the biggest military beasts in the battle zone.
      • My rep advised me to check controllability to see if I could handle the aircraft in the landing configuration.
      • It is doubtful whether it would have made any difference in the face of greatly superior British ship handling and gunnery.
      • We want to get an indication of how the driver was handling the vehicle.
      • I thought that maybe I had rubbed my eyes without washing my hands after handling something dirty and had infected them or something because they were itching and watering like crazy.
      • Use of powder-free latex gloves with low protein content was recommended when handling infectious materials.
      • In 1755 he joined the Royal Navy, and within two years passed his master's examination to qualify for the navigation and handling of a royal ship.
      • Employees must wear gloves whenever they obtain, handle, or process patient specimens.
      • Judge Charles Bloom QC said he took into account Atkinson's previous good character and the fact that he had not gained financially from handling the vehicles.
      • Only one vehicle was found with one loose bolt and no one could say for sure that it was a vehicle handled by the Plaintiff.
      • If they are handling money an employer needs to know they can cope with the temptation.
      • She was carrying a Quran inside of it and to even handle a Quran, a Muslim has to be ‘clean’ or under ‘widhu’.
      • Drivers must take extra care in handling their vehicles, an intensive reponsability when it is raining.
      • From there you've got to learn to handle your ship and get to grips with the most difficult part - docking with the space station.
      • The engine hummed to itself sweetly as she slid the unmarked patrol car into the flow of traffic, handling the vehicle with her usual style.
      • Then in time, there's the same child handling the same duck like a pussycat!
      • The judge said he was the ‘last person in the world,’ who should be handling other people's money.
      • The body itself can be handled and manipulated as though lacking in the capacity for self-propulsion.
      • And since he was the last person who handled the prize money before sending it to the bank, the cufflinks must have snagged and dropped into the money.
      • Because of developments in modern food business, a food product today may be handled by several different companies in numerous premises.
      • It is part of the Bike Safe campaign which has been run by the county since 1997 and encourages riders to make an effort to learn to handle their bikes properly.
      • The pages were a beige color from aging and the black cover surrounding it was very soft as though it was handled a great deal.
      • Two weeks later, York youth justices banned the youth from driving for a year after he admitted handling a second car and other vehicle offences.
      • To protect your hands, always wear heavy work gloves when handling tackless strips.
      • He said he had rarely seen anyone as drunk and he did not know how the defendant could handle the vehicle.
      • It's foods that have been handled by the modern food technologists.
      • And although after those four hours everything had been handled, carried and put down six times at least, the room was only marginally cleaner.

  • 2

    • 2.1(deal with)

      (people) tratar
      (situation/affair) manejar
      he has no idea how to handle his staff no tiene ni idea de cómo tratar a sus empleados
      • you have to handle him right hay que saber tratarlo
      • he complained of being roughly handled by the police se quejó de haber sido maltratado por la policía
      • to handle philosophical concepts manejar conceptos filosóficos
      • he handled the situation very well manejó / supo llevar muy bien la situación
      • you handled the interview very well te desenvolviste muy bien en la entrevista
      • these decisions are best handled by professionals estas decisiones es mejor dejárselas a los expertos
      • you keep quiet, I'll handle this tú no digas nada, yo me encargo de esto
      • It doesn't matter whether their poor credit ratings result from the poor handling of their accounts or from predatory lending practices that trapped them in a mountain of debt.
      • Through a divorce and the death of my father I wasn't able to handle things like I did before.
      • He is at his best when the situation is becoming difficult - he handles Matt's escalating desperation with ease.
      • Under his tough tutelage, moreover, I learnt a good deal about how to handle the world.
      • There will be annual training programmes for children on personal safety and for staff on handling the issue.
      • She has not been handling this particularly well.
      • My mother is not the sort of person who handles interpersonal interactions well, she finds them stressful and tends to burn her bridges too easily when she gets fed up with people.
      • The remaining part of the cultural extravaganza was handled with a great deal of competitive spirit.
      • Well, Lou, in the wake of the president's speech last night, Democrats have actually stepped up their criticism of the president and his handling of postwar Iraq.
      • And with 12 executions scheduled in Texas before Election Day, Bush's handling of the issue will no doubt stay in the media spotlight.
      • She handles things with a great deal of grace - and is probably dressed like royalty to boot.
      • The group has already filed two lawsuits against the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in connection with the agency's handling of the Heartland project.
      • The whole immigration issue ranging from the arrival of boat people and the level of support we supply refugees needs to be handled entirely differently.
      • What's important is how you handle this difficult and delicate task - not just for the people you let go, but for the people who remain.
      • While Cooper says he understands the criticisms of Khalifa, he also believes that she's capable of handling the serious overhaul the department needs.
      • Mr Rahael has fared better to date than several of his predecessors at handling the Health Ministry, one of the most difficult and certainly most crisis-prone ministries.
      • Throughout the broadcast of the game, the commentators kept praising McNabb for handling the Limbaugh controversy with so much class.
      • Some critics of the president's handling of Iraq are expressing deep concern the mission there is turning into a situation similar to what happened during the Vietnam War.
      • Mr. Baldassare said this attitude had been building for several years, starting with the state's energy crisis and the administration's handling of it.
      • Any known health risks to New Zealanders are handled by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and by the setting of food standards between New Zealand and Australia.
      • The stage crew handled the difficult and complex changes very well and the very competent front of house staff helped to make a wonderful evening.
      • The other test will be how he handles renegades such as John Carew and copes with the vacancies caused by the departure of the old guard.
      • Some Americans are afraid the next disaster might be handled as badly as the last one and they're stocking up for survival.
      • Presumably this is because there was so little information on coping with disasters that people found it hard to handle the solemn events.
      • Hard drugs inevitably become Georgie's coping device to handle these racial adjustments.
      • For a while I wondered why I had insomnia and then I remembered this thing I've been pretending isn't such a big deal is a big deal and I'm not handling it very well.
      • Both local and international human rights groups have criticized the handling of his trials as unfair, with Amnesty International labeling Anwar a political prisoner.
      • But the Air Force didn't earn points for its handling of the problem - which apparently, they knew about years before the matter broke in the press.
      • If it had been handled this way the whole thing might never have pushed itself over the average Philip Adams listener's threshold of consciousness.
      • The way that this bill has been handled and is being pushed through the House gives the strongest argument yet for privatising accident compensation.
      • On his overall performance, I'd have to be quite critical, but I'm more favorable about his handling of the war on terror.
      • Now, God willing, we are ready again to roll up our sleeves to handle the many difficult problems that have long awaited us.
      • Let's talk about the way the White House is handling this.
      • Radio Blogger has the transcripts of Hugh Hewitt's debates with two law professors about the adequacy of the federal courts' handling of the Terri Schiavo case.
      • At the moment, the controversy is being badly handled.
      • ‘Ours is a very difficult job which has to be handled with sensitivity,’ he said.
      • It has spent millions of dollars on ads criticizing the administration's handling of a number of issues.
      • They are credited with handling this extremely well.
      • He paid tribute to his officers, the Crown Prosecution Service and their barristers for the way they had handled a ‘very sensitive and difficult investigation’.
      • Problems are no big deal if you handle them the right way.
      • The anguish among New York Times staffers over the paper's handling of the Judith Miller saga has mounted in recent days, much to the consternation of its top executives.
      • We have Bishop Dumeni and Bishop Kameeta, two religious leaders with experience who are capable of handling a delicate and sensitive exercise like a truth commission.
      • You have to deal with it, handle it, cope with it.
      • You will find that, on most ships, the staff is well accustomed to handling crowds and is skilled at moving passengers with dispatch and courtesy.
      • They answered doors, took coats, served drinks, kept the food looking nice, and handled our guest's various needs with aplomb.
      • No heavy-handed security asking the crowd to push back, make way - everything was handled with awesome expertise and finesse.
      • It had put the family under a lot of pressure and the sensational way in which the matter was being handled was making life very difficult for all of them.
      • As you can see, I am handling this exceptionally well.
      • I asked him how his family was handling all of this.

    • 2.2informal (cope with emotionally)

      (stress/tension) poder soportar
      he can't handle the job no puede con el trabajo informal
      • I can't tell him the truth; he couldn't handle it no puedo decirle la verdad; lo destrozaría

  • 3

    • 3.1(be responsible for)

      (financial matters/business) encargarse de
      (financial matters/business) ocuparse de
      (financial matters/business) llevar
      the department handling your case el departamento que lleva su caso
      • McGonigle, who has moved from DDFH & B, where he handled the Baileys account, is to oversee a recruitment drive at the company.
      • Construction will be completed by next September and Christies Commercial is handling the letting of the retail units.
      • As the name suggests, the housing bank deals in houses in a similar way to which banks handle money.
      • I hired a local furniture guy who handles all of the hiring and personnel issues in Baghdad, where I have about 15 local employees.
      • Had he checked his facts, he would have been able to report that Wilkinson has been handling Pentagon PR for several years, at least since 2001 in Afghanistan.
      • The mystery is compounded further by the fact Leigh football director Steve Grainey, who handles transfer deals, is on holiday in Spain this week and unavailable for comment.
      • Here at home, Western Australia's grain handling group CBH believes the state is on target for a winter crop of 12 million tonnes, down two million on last season.
      • His promoter Frank Warren thought he had a deal to handle Hatton's first defence of his IBF title and the next two fights after that.
      • The bank itself was decorative and elegant, giving its customers a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that equally rich people were handling their money.
      • In particular, people who handle money or budgets in their working lives feel that they ‘deserve a break’ from that.
      • He is banned by the Law Society from handling money and carrying out property deals.
      • You wouldn't think twice about hiring an accountant to handle the books.
      • At the time of her arrest, she formed part of a corporate finance team handling billions of pounds' worth of deals.
      • Jean-Michel Cousteau, president of the Ocean Futures Society, which is handling Keiko, joins us now to talk about that.
      • ‘This is going to be a Canada-wide CD launch, and we're handling the Montreal one,’ says Kopra.
      • These five were among the main dealers handling Van Gogh in the early years.
      • Oliver Morgan on Jay Garner, the hawkish head of the Pentagon agency that will be handling lucrative reconstruction deals.
      • The administrative assistant to the president handled human resource functions.
      • Those operations have been handled at the insurer's Deerwood Park campus and its downtown Riverside Office Complex.
      • Apart from handling weighty matters of state, Jawaharlal had to deal with issues of domestic politics.

    • 3.2(do business in)

      (commodities/goods) comerciar con
      they were accused of handling stolen goods se les acusó de comerciar con objetos robados
      • we don't handle their products no trabajamos sus productos
      • The co-defendant admitted handling stolen goods.
      • The judge at Bolton Crown Court, heard how he had a string of convictions for burglary, shoplifting and handling stolen goods dating back 14 years.
      • The man, who admitted handling stolen goods, was given a 75-hour community punishment order, and ordered to pay £120 court costs.
      • More than 50 per cent of arrests led to successful convictions for robbery, burglary, handling stolen goods and possessing or dealing in drugs.
      • He has admitted handling stolen goods on May 25 last year.
      • Those arrested are being questioned on suspicion of drug dealing, handling stolen goods and possessing illegal weapons.
      • A number of other convictions were for offences of dishonesty, including one for which he received a 4 month prison sentence for handling stolen goods.
      • He also pleaded guilty to theft and his brother admitted handling stolen goods.
      • He denies committing three of the burglaries, but admits handling goods stolen in the same house raids.
      • In October 2002, she admitted handling stolen goods and was handed a three-month action plan, a bid to curb her criminal behaviour.
      • He also admitted handling stolen goods in relation to a separate incident.
      • Three men and one woman were arrested for suspected crimes ranging from handling stolen goods to drug possession and owning the illegal weapon.
      • The accused, who had an exemplary Army record, pleaded guilty conspiracy to handle stolen goods.
      • So far, eight have been arrested for offences such as conspiracy, handling stolen goods, possession or supply of drugs and driving without insurance.
      • He also admitted handling a coat stolen from Chelmsford Grammar School a few days later.
      • The youngsters, all under 16, have received a caution for handling stolen goods and have been released.
      • Once the course of the stealing is over a thief may be guilty of handling the goods he has stolen, for example, by helping a receiver of the goods to move them or dispose of them.
      • Both men pleaded guilty to conspiracy to steal and handling stolen goods on the day of their trial.
      • However, it is the possibility of charges under s. 22 of the Theft Act 1968 for handling stolen goods that will provoke the most argument.
      • The girlfriend, also from the west part of York, pleaded guilty to two offences each of deception, handling stolen goods and shoplifting and one of breaching a conditional discharge.

    • 3.3(process)

      the dockers refused to handle the cargo los estibadores se negaron a tocar el cargamento
      • the airport handles 300 flights a day el aeropuerto tiene un tráfico de 300 vuelos diarios
      • this port can handle container traffic este puerto tiene la capacidad para recibir contenedores
      • the machine can handle any thickness of material la máquina sirve para tela de cualquier grosor
      • computers can handle vast amounts of data las computadoras pueden procesar enormes cantidades de datos
      • the body's ability to handle certain foods is impaired la capacidad del organismo para asimilar / procesar ciertos alimentos se ve afectada
      • there's too much work for two people to handle hay demasiado trabajo para dos personas

intransitive verb

  • 1

    this car handles well/rather awkwardly on bends este coche responde bien/no responde muy bien en las curvas

reflexive verb

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