Translation of handmade in Spanish:


hecho a mano, adj.

Pronunciation /han(d)ˈmeɪd//hæn(d)ˈmeɪd/


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    hecho a mano
    • One of the students gave Rani handmade jewellery while others gifted her handmade candles and a card signed by all.
    • His mother sewed his clothes while he was young and knitted socks giving him a handmade pair for his birthday for many years.
    • Mitchinson was wearing a handmade corduroy suit, handmade shoes by Ducker's of Oxford, a cashmere polo neck.
    • Every street has independent shoe shops with handmade Italian shoes at amazing prices.
    • There is, of course, the question of cost, for industrial wine is cheaper to produce than handmade wine.
    • The charity was delighted and presented Trident with a handmade bowl which now has pride of place in the company's meeting room.
    • You can buy dolls there from a range of beautiful handmade dolls, and designer dolls' clothes.
    • As the first new born of 2004, Nisheka cashed in with a teddy bear, handmade quilt and clothes.
    • The installation is made from handmade silkscreen prints, neriage porcelain and tissue paper.
    • Every year he went there for his wardrobe, ordering several suits and pairs of handmade shoes.
    • The slipcover is also handmade and had to be folded and glued exactly.
    • After arranging them on boards with handmade paper and acrylic paint, she seals them with layers of lacquer.
    • Still, the handmade quality of the welded assemblies may be the most lingering image.
    • Some of the attractive items on display at the Rajasthani counter include paintings on handmade paper.
    • Shoes were also handmade and came from only two stores, Feney's or Acropolis shoes.
    • Even with its size, it retains a sense of delicacy, a handmade quality that creeps out of its obsessive folds.
    • The handmade quality allows Trek to offer customers a lifetime warranty on its frames.
    • Each of Anand's pieces is individually handcrafted using wood-free handmade paper.
    • My silhouette was handmade, signed by the artist, and a work of traditional craft.
    • The Coffin Cover combines a cardboard coffin interior with a removable traditional handmade wooden exterior.