Translation of handout in Spanish:


dádiva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhændˌaʊt//ˈhandaʊt/


  • 1

    (of money, food)
    dádiva feminine
    I don't need handouts: I want a proper job no quiero limosnas / dádivas, lo que quiero es un trabajo como Dios manda
    • there will be no handouts in this year's budget no habrá dádivas / regalos en el presupuesto de este año
    • As my colleague states, a large part of our salary goes towards our pension every month, and we are not just given the money as a golden handout from the taxpayer.
    • Yet they live from handouts, financed by taxes on our hard-earned income.
    • Some of the people who blindly followed the incumbent leader preferred to keep him so that they could benefit from his handouts.
    • Labor delivered several generous tax handouts to the wealthy and corporate elite under Hawke and Keating.
    • The early handout of taxpayers' money was neither commercially prudent nor correct use of public funds, adds the report.
    • Retailers are expecting budget handouts to continue to help boost their coffers.
    • Charities across south Essex have benefited from a handout of Lottery grants totalling more than £220,000.
    • I didn't have to grovel for a handout from my parents anymore.
    • The company used the same threat of closure to pressure governments for financial handouts.
    • The financial handouts for the Association of Banks will be paid for through drastic job cuts in the fields of education and culture.
    • Millions are dependent in retirement on State handouts funded by taxes on those still in work.
    • Much of the funding will be poured straight into corporate coffers via bigger tax handouts and research subsidies.
    • Neither Kallie or Erik took handouts from their parents the first few years, they made their own money.
    • Since she came to the city Daphne has always worked and proudly declares she has never received any benefit payments or handouts.
    • Five groups in the district are among the 178 organisations in the south-west that will benefit from the latest handouts.
    • Businesses have systematically used concern with homeland security to win public subsidies and handouts.
    • Although renowned for its corporate generosity, Tata does not subscribe to the model of donations or welfare handouts.
    • This implies the continuation of a low wage economy and huge tax handouts to the multinationals.
    • Nor can East Timor expect to survive indefinitely on international handouts.
    • They sought no national awards, no positions of authority, no bribes, no handouts from government.
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    • 2.1(advertising leaflet)

      folleto masculine
      • When he found it too tiring to persuade by talking, he collected as much information as he could about smoking and printed it out as handouts.
      • Try telling students that you will be giving a handout after presenting the material, but that you'd like them to listen and think for now.
      • The reference materials and handouts can be used in a variety of ways.
      • The poster had no printed handouts to go along with it, and was displayed for about three days.
      • Here is a picture of one of his supplemental handouts, dealing with Easter.
      • Adapting pre-existing materials designed as handouts or revision notes can sometimes save considerable time.
      • The reference materials and handouts in this manual can be used in a variety of ways.
      • All of these new skills have been put to use at home producing professional looking handouts and display materials for work.
      • A checklist for returning to work is provided in the patient information handout that accompanies this article.
      • A patient information handout on snakebite prevention and first aid accompanies the article, on page 1377.
      • Actually, so boring I even did not wait for the free handouts that seems to be part of this kind of events.
      • Next to the wall to Jen's left were tables filled with office materials and handouts.
      • Students were divided into small groups and given handouts on the material.
      • I hope this article may be used as a parent handout to help parents feel comfortable talking about weight issues.
      • A patient information handout accompanying Dr. Kligler's article helps explain these effects.
      • The cost per child is €70 and each child will receive a handout of the material being covered and a Music for Minors folder to put their work into.
      • Looking at the fine print on the election handouts for the Chant and King teams, Shaggy spotted a familiar name authorising them.
      • Piano roll graphs of each phrase were printed for handouts to be used with the analysis.
      • Print a stapled handout of the 5 or 6 pictures and give each person a copy.
      • His handout provided keys to the species, hybrids and structure which I have loosely interpreted to help you understand this genus.

    • 2.2(at lecture, in class)

      (que se distribuyen a los asistentes) notas feminine

    • 2.3(press release)

      comunicado de prensa masculine