Translation of handpick in Spanish:


escoger cuidadosamente, v.

Pronunciation /ˌhændˈpɪk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (select carefully)
    escoger cuidadosamente
    seleccionar cuidadosamente
    • It's as if someone hand-picked the most popular crowd from each school in town because confidence radiates from the kids in the room.
    • She will spend a week relaxing in the Californian sunshine with a select team of stylists hand-picked from across the globe.
    • Each plant was hand-picked, with careful thought given to texture, shape and the colour of the foliage.
    • The company boasts of a workforce of over 200 hand-picked translators and a number of senior marketing staff with over eight years in the industry.
    • A Clapham director who trained at Richmond's Orange Tree Theatre has been hand-picked to direct a play at London's Old Vic theatre.
    • The selectors have hand-picked those who have the right mentality, such as Damien Martyn and Simon Katich, ahead of the natural blasters.
    • She was hand-picked by Crawford for one of the toughest jobs in the network.
    • Aurene Martin has been serving as acting assistant secretary, hand-picked by Norton.
    • I have no doubts that Ryan was hand-picked to go into the compound and will win just because he used to play professional football.
    • John Negroponte, until recently Ambassador to UN in New York, has been hand-picked for the job.
    • Just as Jesus hand-picked Simon and Jude for a specific purpose, so has he hand-picked us.
    • Ironically it was Shier's own new hand-picked team of executives, imported at great expense, who voted him out!
    • And it's not an auspicious debut for Cohn, who was hand-picked by old pal editor John Carroll.
    • He was recently hand-picked to co-ordinate the national response by Metropolitan police commissioner Sir John Stevens.
    • He was hand-picked for the job by transport secretary Stephen Byers.
    • Did it all hinge on the creation of an all-powerful executive council, hand-picked by Fontaine to circumvent the chiefs?
    • Show host Mary Alice Haney hand-picked Childs last week from possible candidates working at the zoo.
    • An ensemble hand-picked by lead singer and songwriter, Davo, the members were chosen based on their work ethic.
    • The budding actors were hand-picked from hundreds of young hopefuls who auditioned for the parts at Kendal Town Hall earlier this year.
    • The members of the court are hand-picked by Chief Justice William Rehnquist.
  • 2hand-picked past participle

    (materials/personnel) cuidadosamente seleccionado
    (fruit) cosechado a mano