Translation of hangar in Spanish:


hangar, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈhæŋər//ˈhaŋə/


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    hangar masculine
    • It was a deadly junkyard full of unexploded ordnances and mines, destroyed aircraft, hangars and gutted buildings.
    • Military chapels, mess halls, decks of ships, aircraft hangars, tents, and open field assembly areas are frequently utilized.
    • A core of naval buildings (the canteen, bar, bowling alley, shop, aircraft hangars and residential quarters) was retained, but much of the base was dismantled.
    • The hangars will accommodate aircraft as large as a 747 for those concerned about the rigors of a Russian winter.
    • These aren't paved roads passing hangars, housing or human civilization, but rather gravel roads passing trees, trees and more trees.
    • Twelve Fireflies and nine Seafires from HMS Triumph armed with rockets attacked Haeju Airfield, damaging hangars and buildings, but no aircraft were sighted.
    • Chino Airport Manager James Jenkins stated that the aircraft in these hangars are not contaminated, but the area is.
    • ‘In the years I have been here we have put together five land leases for customers who want to build hangars to store business aircraft,’ she said.
    • Other areas, like hangars and flight line space, are being returned piece by piece.
    • After the dust settled, the extensiveness of the damage to Clark was clearly seen, as the bombing destroyed hangars, supply buildings, the communications center, shops, and barracks.
    • Dining facilities were established in an aircraft hangar and in lest tents.
    • The funds would go to restore cuts that affect military housing, barracks, child care centers, schools, hangars, and office buildings.
    • The Hamilton Cove landing area had a hangar erected next to the beach along with a Spanish-style terminal.
    • Latest reports say it is now the rainy season in Iraq, the tents are water-logged and troops sleeping on the floor in an aircraft hangar or in an airport until the tents dry out.
    • These things can be done, as peaceful protesters have demonstrated in fields of GM maize, nuclear laboratories and military aircraft hangars all over the country, without hurting anyone.
    • Funding will cover a range of projects, including repair or replacement of terminal buildings, hangars and security lighting.
    • Here you find the island's only shop, the post office, the airport hangar and arrival hut, and the fairly new Hungry Iguana restaurant.
    • According to CAF, the Museum precinct will essentially encompass the buildings, hangars and aprons on the airfield side of Williams Road.
    • The Fly Field portion of the base went back to the county but the government still maintained control over the military hangars and other buildings although they were empty.
    • From that initial experience on the hangar floor the ‘runway literacy game’ evolved.

transitive verb

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    guardar en el hangar
    meter en el hangar