Translation of hanger in Spanish:


percha, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhæŋər//ˈhaŋə/


also clothes hanger", "coat hanger

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    percha feminine
    gancho (para la ropa) masculine Latin America
    • There were several hangers, and Eve hung up the few good shirts that she had, and a couple of skirts.
    • A black leather mini-miniskirt hung from a nearby hanger, and it happened to be her size.
    • Jim reached out for Blair's coat and hung it on the hanger behind the desk, then started to take his own off.
    • Olivia hung up the phone and went to her closet, scanning the dresses that hung from the hangers.
    • I believe that new, fantastic clothes should be instantly purchased, hemmed, and transported onto hangers in my closet.
    • Two hoodies hang on actual hangers in the closet.
    • You just spray this on the night before and smooth away the wrinkles as it hangs on a hanger.
    • Yeah, mine is separated into t-shirts and jeans, but I don't have complete outfits hanging from hangers!
    • Buy some fresh new hangers, and hang all your skirts and pants.
    • If the door was locked, a coat hanger or garden tool was usually used to try to hook the keys.
    • There was a bloke with his bicycle, a bag, and - this threw me a bit - a plastic coat hanger.
    • Seven white shirts and five skirts, three plaid and two gray, hung from hangers.
    • Girly, light clothing of every hue filled the shelves in the closet, hung on the hangers, and splashed still more color in the room.
    • The loft was strewn with clothes; shirts were draped over the couch and loveseat while pants were hung with hangers on the kitchen table seats.
    • She moved quickly over to her closet where her uniform hung from a hanger.
    • Ideally trousers should be hung on hangers by the waist band, they will hold their shape a lot longer than left folded over a bar.
    • Still, he calmly slipped out of his thick green jacket and hung it on the hanger closest to the air conditioner.
    • White gloves that were studded with diamonds hung on the hanger beside it.
    • PC Flowers said that another method of stealing car or house keys was by pushing a coat hanger through letterboxes to hook keys off tables near the front doors.
    • I went to the master bedroom and found his uniform still hanging on the steel hanger.