Translation of haphazard in Spanish:


Pronunciation /hapˈhazəd//ˌhæpˈhæzərd/


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    they promote people in a very haphazard way ascienden a la gente caprichosamente / al azar
    • his work is very haphazard su trabajo es muy irregular
    • his approach is very haphazard no es coherente en su enfoque
    • Please note that this is a haphazard collection, and there is no implication that any of these are right, wrong or compelling.
    • These difficulties are unfortunately compounded by a haphazard organization.
    • This time, they waved around in a haphazard fashion, as if weaving a very complicated design.
    • But what happens when opinion polls are produced in a haphazard fashion only days before an election?
    • My wife and I have been saving money for her big brother for the last 3 ½ years, but only in a haphazard fashion.
    • Thus, heterogeneity in beliefs within the organization makes performance more haphazard.
    • International festival screenings of the uncut version followed in a somewhat haphazard fashion.
    • This, in spite of the fact that Hut Bay looks like a haphazard collection of huts and houses grown out of a logging settlement.
    • Suffice it to say that there's nothing haphazard about this collection.
    • First, Aristotle and his followers practise a haphazard, uncritical collection of data.
    • In the rush to implement a giant program, reforestation contracts were awarded in a haphazard fashion.
    • This occurred in a haphazard fashion on 23 July in Dublin, and although swiftly suppressed, caught Dublin castle ill prepared.
    • Instead, we are introduced to necessary elements in offhand, haphazard fashion.
    • In reality, of course, charging into exporting in this kind of haphazard fashion is not ideal.
    • Inside was a stack of parcels all roughly the same size, like hunks of dried pork, but wrapped in different materials and tied in haphazard but secure fashions.
    • I looked here and there in a somewhat haphazard fashion for spiritual people to share in spiritual conversation.
    • Organization was haphazard; there were far too few bishops, and some were invalidly consecrated.
    • Either the Carlow side had not shook off the celebrations of the Millennium or they approached the game in a haphazard fashion.
    • The bows of the longboat collided with the dock, causing the little boats to pitch and sway in a haphazard fashion.
    • Unpack London shopping in a haphazard fashion so that new flat looks lived in.