Translation of happily in Spanish:


alegremente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈhæpəli//ˈhapɪli/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (laugh/smile) alegremente
      it all ended happily tuvo un final feliz
      • to be happily married ser feliz en el matrimonio
      • they were playing quite happily estaban jugando de lo más contentos / tranquilos
      • (set phrase) … and they lived happily ever after … y vivieron felices y comieron perdices
      • I would have happily chewed off my own arm just for the pleasure of seeing my book in a shop.
      • However, close friends said they were sure he would happily accept the offer.
      • She blew a kiss to me through the window of the carriage and I returned it, giggling happily.
      • For ten years the lighthouse was happily staffed by a three man crew, rotated every fortnight.
      • When you start off your need to act is so great you'll happily do anything.
      • SUE Millington looks every bit the contented mum as she plays happily with her sons.
      • He felt like he was drowning in them… dying happily in the blissful sea of her soul.
      • He cried in delight spinning her about happily, he kissed her cheek and she struggled against him.
      • He smiles and chuckles, plays happily with his toys and brings delight to everyone he meets.
      • But he finally turns his back on crime and happily discovers he can make more money as a plumber.
      • Workers and bosses will live happily together in a wonderful social compact.
      • In this case there was a happy ending and everybody did live happily ever after.
      • You could also happily do some shivering in Somerset with a timely visit to the famous Cheddar Caves.
      • Karolek shrugged and turned to watch the happily giggling blonde girl on the swings.
      • He giggled happily and his eyes darted around the room to see if he could not glimpse someone else.
      • Bangkok is a city where commerce and pleasure happily share the same parts of town.
      • The cow stares at me with it's blissful brown eyes, chewing away quite happily.
      • Yet surprisingly, large numbers of people happily venture abroad without any cover at all.
      • All seems lost until the handsome Prince Valentine comes to save the day and it all ends happily ever after.
      • I perch happily on a stool, poking gleefully at a small aquarium with a few brightly colored fish in it.

    • 1.2(willingly, gladly)

      con mucho gusto
      I'll happily look after the children yo te cuido a los niños encantada / con mucho gusto

    • 1.3(without demur)

      he'll quite happily eat six eggs for breakfast es muy capaz de comerse seis huevos en el desayuno
      • they'll happily pay vast sums for … están dispuestos a pagar sumas exorbitantes por …
      • I could happily have strangled her la hubiera estrangulado de buena gana

  • 2

    • 2.1formal literary (felicitously)

      (chosen/expressed) acertadamente
      • Happily, there are numerous resources out there to help you streamline your tech plan.
      • This was a daunting prospect but, happily, the response was immediate and positive.
      • Happily there is nothing tragic about the comedy of errors on the subways.
      • Happily it is very seldom that we have to record an event so disgraceful to young men as that which took place on Sunday on the Harlem River.
      • Happily, it doesn't have to be that way.

    • 2.2(fortunately)

      por suerte
      happily, there is an easy way out por suerte / afortunadamente, hay una solución fácil