Translation of harass in Spanish:


acosar, v.

Pronunciation /həˈræs//ˈhɛrəs//ˈharəs//həˈras/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (persistently annoy)
  • 2

    • Often, cavalry came out to harass enemy armies as they scattered to plunder, slowing down progress even further.
    • We, the Animal Rights Militia, have looked on for some years now as members of animal rights organisations such as the animal liberation front have attacked your property and harassed you.
    • conspirators, harassed by their enemies, and often at odds among themselves, scrambled through civil war and Japanese invasion to seize power.
    • In addition the crusaders used light cavalry and horse archers in large numbers to harass the enemy, to scout, and to supplement the knights.
    • Remnants of the enemy have slipped into the civilian population and continue to harass coalition forces.
    • They followed the patrols, harassing them by throwing rocks and yelling profanities.
    • Soon Vova and his sister join the partisans and are doing what they can to harass the enemy.
    • Visiting human rights groups have been routinely harassed by the army and threatened and attacked by militias.
    • It will be used to support hit-and-run, ambush, and harassing, and urban warface missions.
    • He was subsequently harassed by hordes of aggressive mice, and despite taking refuge in a tower in the middle of the Rhine, was eventually eaten by his pursuers.
    • The besiegers lacked artillery, and their communications were harassed by the aggressive Enniskillen men.
    • While Platt was striking into Eritrea, Cunningham began his operations by harassing the Italians with raids from Kenya.
    • Some governments gave pirates and privateers safe harbor to earn revenues or to harass their enemies.
    • Starlings can be aggressive and will persistently harass other species to take over nesting cavities.
    • Drawing a card from the deck will summon one inconvenience with which the wielder can harass his foes.
    • Now they're under your control, and you can call them from the sands and direct them to harass your enemies.
    • From Tunisia, a guerrilla army of tens of thousands of troops harassed French units arrayed along the border.
    • Our pilots were used to harassing the enemy by strafing rail and truck areas, infantry and anything that moved.
    • In other instances, the enemy will harass a convoy with small arms fire, enticing the unit to dismount and return fire.
    • The wise general never gives battle but on favourable ground; and until he has found it, he manoeuvres, skirmishes, and harasses the enemy.