Translation of hard-earned in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑːdəːnd//ˈˌhɑrd ˈərnd/


  • 1

    (cash) ganado con el sudor de la frente
    (rest) bien merecido
    • There were sunny blue skies overhead as the hard-earned flag made its way up the school's flag pole.
    • The manner in which he handled himself at Old Trafford when things were not going well won him some hard-earned respect.
    • A half on the 18th green gave Garcia and Luke Donald a hard-earned point against Jim Furyk and Fred Funk.
    • Outrageous fortune always makes for a good story, while hard-earned success seems less worthy of comment.
    • Living on a budget, as most people have to, there's a constant trade off when planning what to spend hard-earned money on.
    • However it was the ice cool Mick Devlin who potted the black and gave Dunnes a hard-earned victory.
    • We were dropped off by the Hawk in a Land Rover, and the driver gave us the keys to the plane and sped back to the hangar for a hard-earned tea break.
    • That's why we consider these amendments a poor investment of effort and the sportsmen's hard-earned dollars.
    • They clinched promotion with a hard-earned win over Breaffy in Claremorris last Sunday.
    • When a man thirsts, there is little that can stand between him and a cold, hard-earned glass of alcohol.
    • The thread is dealing with a potential loss of hard-earned freedom disguised as healthcare reform.
    • We need our hard-earned money to pay all the rest of our bills.
    • Students paying hard-earned money for English language learning should expect no less.
    • Shipton continued their dominance at the top of division two with a hard-earned three points at home to Hemingbrough.
    • At its core, she says, the text tells the story of a woman who loses her hard-earned sense of control.
    • Ballina responded, but were repelled by a resolute defence to hold out for a hard-earned victory.
    • Choosing unique roles has become his priority since his success was hard-earned.
    • There are enough problems farmers face to let their hard-earned produce end up at a dump-site.
    • The hard-earned power by the government at the Centre has made it sit and consider giving free power to farmers.
    • The result was a hard-earned draw, the same as when they sparred before, and it made their friendship even stronger.