Translation of hard pad in Spanish:

hard pad

endurecimiento (del cojinete) plantar, n.


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    endurecimiento (del cojinete) plantar masculine
    • If they survive, they can go on to develop thickening of the foot pads (this is why distemper is sometimes called hard pad), and damage to the teeth.
    • Canine distemper, sometimes referred to as 'hard pad', is caused by a virus very similar to the measles virus, although it is not a risk to humans.
    • If the results show that hard pad is present, hydration therapy will be given as this hampers the growth of keratin.
    • Distemper, hard-pad, parvovirus, mange and many other diseases destroy hundreds of pets every year because the vet called in by the trusting 'owner' frequently says that nothing can be done.
    • Another problem unique to dogs, called hard-pad disease, may occur after a bout with canine distemper, says Dr. Ashley.