Translation of hard shoulder in Spanish:

hard shoulder

arcén, n.



  • 1

    arcén masculine
    berma feminine Andes
    acotamiento masculine Mexico
    banquina feminine River Plate
    hombrillo masculine Venezuela
    • In other areas of the M1 earmarked for a new carriageway, additional land would be bought, with the hard shoulder and central reservation staying the same.
    • I couldn't help myself stopping on the hard shoulder behind them.
    • Using the emergency telephone on the hard shoulder of the motorway gives a fixed location unlike a mobile phone.
    • United boss Sir Alex Ferguson was cleared of driving on a motorway hard shoulder after the solicitor told magistrates he was suffered a stomach upset and needed to use the toilet.
    • Statistics show that many accidents that occur on motorways involve vehicles which are parked on the hard shoulder.
    • Sidney Flinton came into the world on the hard shoulder of the M62 motorway.
    • Kathy and Colin sat in the car by a hard shoulder of a motorway bickering about what route to take.
    • Well, when I was travelling up from London to Glasgow yesterday I passed a car which was sitting on the hard shoulder of the M6, tyre in shreds.
    • Sir Alex Ferguson was charged with driving on the hard shoulder of a motorway - an offence that carries a three-point penalty.
    • He kept wanting to park up on the hard shoulder and have a walk in the hills.
    • Mark, of Owen Close, Croydon, told officers he had not gone the wrong way down the motorway, only the hard shoulder, in search of his sister.
    • Anyway, I noticed that a woman had stopped in the hard shoulder of the other carriageway and was taking photos of the sunset.
    • Police said the driver had just overtaken a lorry when he careered into the hard shoulder barrier and bounced back across the carriageway into the central reservation.
    • Take the hard shoulder of dual carriageways, for instance.
    • It is understood he was seen to get out of his Fiat Punto after parking it on the hard shoulder between Junction 17 at Whitefield and Junction 18 at Simister.
    • Then, just as hope was diminishing to its lowest ebb, an extremely long stretch limousine which had just sped by, suddenly stopped and parked on the hard shoulder a furlong ahead of us.
    • Traffic was stopped on the motorway; cars were forced on to the hard shoulder, nothing was too much bother and once we got there we held an autograph session for the drivers.
    • Mercedes used to be a byword for durability but now it's a byword for being on the hard shoulder at four in the morning with steam coming out of the bonnet.
    • It crossed lanes and hit a crash barrier on the hard shoulder.
    • In one short conversation, Pc Lee Bowdell described how Mr Hinde was flailing about on the motorway hard shoulder and deliberately banging his head on the floor.