Translation of hardship in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɑrdˌʃɪp//ˈhɑːdʃɪp/


  • 1

    they experienced / suffered great hardship pasaron muchos apuros / muchas dificultades / privaciones
    • the hardships of the voyage/their captivity las penurias del viaje/de su cautiverio
    • cases of genuine financial hardship los casos de verdadera penuria (económica)
    • surely it's no great hardship for you to pay him a visit no es mucho pedir que vayas a verlo, creo yo
    • before noun hardship fund fondo de solidaridad
    • hardship post cargo que se desempeña en un lugar donde las condiciones de vida son difíciles
    • It cannot be confined to those who suffered financial hardship due to lack of income.
    • Only in this way can he lead the people of Keembe to defeat endemic poverty and hardship.
    • If this guy stays there will be some kind of suffering and if he goes, that hardship will be twofold.
    • A jail term would ruin his job prospects and be of hardship to his mother and grandmother.
    • The story of the boat and its inhabitants is one of extreme hardship and complicit exploitation.
    • All that pain and hardship, and still the college rowing team lost every single race for the rest of the year.
    • Life was often difficult for the Kite family and they suffered many setbacks and hardships.
    • In some parts of the world, corruption and poverty condemn untold millions to a life of misery and hardship.
    • Both men are currently off sick with stress and also suffering financial hardship.
    • Also new was the fact that the poor could work hard and continuously yet still suffer hardship.
    • The other will endure hardship and much suffering and must learn a valuable lesson.
    • Gandhi on the other hand was aware of the difficulties, hardships, and suffering that was to come.
    • During one of these periods of hardship the estate was purchased by the Du Boulay family.
    • It redirects funds made through business into combating poverty and hardship for children.
    • Even as a child, he walked barefoot on the path full of thorns of hardship and austerity.
    • For a man who has suffered genuine hardship, our reaction over the past week must seem almost obscene.
    • They have suffered unimaginable hardship and danger in a bid to find a safe haven.
    • No, but the union can support its members if they suffer financial hardship.
    • In Scotland and beyond football is suffering financial hardship at the moment.