Translation of harlequin in Spanish:


arlequín, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑrləkwən//ˈhɑːlɪkwɪn/


  • 1

    arlequín masculine
    • The harlequin threw the baton over the translucent material, diving underneath and emerging on the other side to catch the silver rod, to gasps of awe from the spectators.
    • He mimed adults sneaking stares at him from behind menus in restaurants, little kids brazenly trying to pull off his harlequin's mask, or drivers doing double-takes as they passed in cars.
    • With a photocopied handout of a leering harlequin she explained the different shapes and colors that worked best.
    • Virgil is shown working in a fast-food restaurant wearing janglers' bells on his head like a harlequin, the fool's cap of working youth's subjugation, but he exits to save the life of a rapper.
    • Canio's character, Pagliaccio, catches his wife with the young Harlequin, played by the troupe's junior member, Beppe.