Translation of harmonic in Spanish:


armónico, adj.

Pronunciation /hɑːˈmɒnɪk//hɑrˈmɑnɪk/


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    • Debussy's supple rhythms and rich harmonic language, influenced in part by the ancient music of the Far East, became the ideal vehicle for painting a mood, no matter how complex or ephemeral.
    • You knew how to find just the right dreamlike quality for the music, whose harmonic language is neither tonal, nor modal, nor truly chromatic, but a little of all three at the same time.
    • If nothing else, this shows how thoroughly Rutkowski has absorbed Gershwin's melodic, harmonic, and keyboard habits.
    • The CD is almost exclusively built on funk grooves and avoids the harmonic and melodic language of bebop.
    • The sonata is a major work that combines the young composer's acerbic wit and uncompromising harmonic astringency with a lyrical bent and cross-cultural echoes of Far Eastern musical modes.
    • In both the first and third movements I was often reminded of the toccata-like sections of Prokofiev's sonatas and concertos, though Lees' melodic and harmonic approaches are quite different.
    • Like Michael Brecker, he's absorbed a lot of Coltrane but his harmonic language draws as much from funk and soul as much as jazz.
    • Their music, generally set for unaccompanied four-voice chorus, lacks the melodic and harmonic suavity of European music of the time.
    • The basic harmonic and melodic language is not complex and often typical of late nineteenth/early twentieth century salon music.
    • However, Koeluh is many steps behind Haydn in harmonic invention and melodic inspiration.
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    (progression/series/mean) armónico
    • It was not just to these areas that he contributed but, even more importantly, his work brought out fundamental relationships between the areas when he studied harmonic analysis on topological groups and characteristic classes.
    • Moreover, it led me very directly to the periodogram, and to the study of forms of harmonic analysis more general than the classical Fourier series and Fourier integral.
    • It's true that there are other kinds of mean - geometric mean, harmonic mean, quadratic mean and so on.
    • In addition to his work on set theory, Cohen has worked on differential equations and harmonic analysis.
    • Beurling worked on the theory of generalized functions, differential equations, harmonic analysis, Dirichlet series and potential theory.


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    armónico masculine