Translation of harness in Spanish:


arnés, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈhɑːnəs//ˈhɑrnəs/


  • 1

    (for horse)
    arnés masculine
    (masculine plural) arreos
    (masculine plural) jaeces
    to die in harness morir con las botas puestas / al pie del cañón
    • to get back in harness volver al yugo
    • to work in harness trabajar en equipo
    • Iron components of the chariot were found in a good state of preservation, including the two wheel rims and hub - hoops, the yoke fittings, harness and horse bits.
    • Cyril intercepted them, grabbing the near horse's harness and steering them to the rings set in the outside of the barn and tying them there.
    • However, small items such as brooches and horse harnesses made out of recycled bronze in native styles have occasionally been found at forts.
    • I went about my usual morning routine, feeding Angel Wing and the pull horses, and putting on the harnesses for the carts.
    • He surrenders the leather reins, and the harnesses all festooned with bells.
    • It is full of pictures of men and women in bits, harnesses and hooves pulling carts, and trainers riding or ‘showing’ their ‘ponies.’
    • Incredible finds from the square barrow grave dating from the third or fourth century included richly ornamented pieces of horse harness and parts from the wheels of the chariot.
    • There were two sturdy draft harnesses drawing the cart, slowly as is their wont.
    • Sheera stands next to him, the horse's harness still in her grip.
    • Here you can see intricate jewel-encrusted horse harnesses or the gold block designs on white headscarves.
    • Among the discoveries was the rich burial of a young man, buried with weapons, vessels of wood and bronze, and horse harness, his horse buried alongside in a separate grave.
    • It also includes used animal trappings such as harnesses, saddles, halters, reins, rope and chain.
    • Nash was pleased to see that Fric had padded and rigged the horse's harnesses for silence, as well as shoeing their hoofs with leather covers to muffle their trot.
    • He was diminutive, and how he managed to lift the heavy harness on the draught horses for ploughing was more than I could understand.
    • The ancient horse harness was no more and no less efficient than the famous horse collar of the eleventh century.
    • We found several other well preserved bronze objects, many likely to be items of horse harness.
    • Two of those main factors were the inventions of the chest harness for the horse and the three-field system of agriculture.
    • Both collars for larger animals and harnesses for smaller ones have been designed to carry Crittercam systems.
    • With driving time at a premium, modern carriages and synthetic harnesses make life a lot easier.
    • The accompanying drudgery was worth it and if you have ever tried to lift a set of heavy horse harness you will have some idea of the effort required.
  • 2

    (for baby) arnés masculine
    (feminine plural) (for baby) correas
    (on parachute) arnés masculine
    • We climbed back up the cliff face then strapped into our harnesses for the abseil.
    • I had a long walk out hauling my glider and harness on my kayak cart, but got to the party in time.
    • I love staking the gliders into the wind and hanging the harness from the hang strap to balance it out - a dynamic stability, like flying.
    • Mr Howland, who always gave instructions to fasten the harnesses before they started cleaning the windows, went to check on the other three men working on different levels of the building when the tragedy happened.
    • He was not injured except for a few scratches and black and blue marks over both shoulders caused by the harness straps when the chute opened.
    • As soon as he strapped his harness around him, he felt the transition as Costanza deactivated the artificial gravity field.
    • Still humming, Ethan fastened the harness around Giles's arms, like hers, so he couldn't lift his hands more than a couple inches, once he woke up.
    • Quickly and quietly they strapped themselves into the harnesses and forced the silver doors open.
    • There was no gravity inside the small pod so the two survivors were strapped into harnesses to keep from floating around.
    • Then there is the issue that Bo's accident highlights, where he neglected to attach the chute bridle to the harness.
    • The Doctor rambled on, as he checked the leads from the computer to the harness strapped tight to Tanj's head.
    • Another piece of fall-prevention equipment is a wrist harness.
    • Bill moved to the other seat on the bridge and fastened the harness across his waist and chest.
    • I closed my car door and strapped the racing harness on.
    • Their eyes, all four of them, rolled and showed white as the harnesses were strapped to them, mindful of the spikes that traveled down their spines, sharp and menacing.
    • She double-checked the harness fastening her to the basket.
    • Gino's grip tightened and he strained against the strap of his harness.
    • The second was that I refused to allow myself to be harnessed to a particular parent on a climbing wall.
    • The assistant who was about a nineteen-year-old boy helped us into the harness as we strapped on our helmets.
    • A flight attendant helped me fasten my flight harness.
  • 3safety harness

    arnés de seguridad masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put harness on)
    (horse) enjaezar
    (horse) ponerle los arreos a
    (horse) ponerle el arnés a
    they harnessed the donkey to the cart engancharon el burro al carro
  • 2

    (resources/power/energy) aprovechar
    (power/energy/resources) utilizar