Translation of harsh in Spanish:


duro, adj.

Pronunciation /hɑrʃ//hɑːʃ/


  • 1

    (punishment) duro
    (punishment) severo
    (words/conditions) duro
    don't be too harsh with him no seas demasiado duro con él
    • the harsh realities of life la cruel realidad (de la vida)
    • The spores can survive for years in harsh conditions, only becoming active when entering a body.
    • He said he did not know the reason for the duty change, but referred to his recent disclosure of graft within Kostrad and his harsh criticism of the military.
    • Bulbs have evolved to survive in harsh climates, to withstand winter cold, or summer drought, or both.
    • Les Choristes takes place in the Fond de l' étang boarding school, where rowdy problem kids only know strict discipline and harsh punishment.
    • The harsh discipline of the free market was offered by conservatives as more than just a path toward greater prosperity.
    • The ability to survive such harsh conditions is remarkable but one particular graveyard in the hills suggests that people were small and there were many deaths in childhood.
    • After Guinea became an independent nation in 1958, a harsh military government took power.
    • Thus ended peacefully seventeen years of harsh military rule within the legal framework erected by the dictatorship.
    • The wolves have been adapted so not only can they survive the harsh climate, but they can also eat both animals and vegetables.
    • Despite the fact that nature has been harsh and cruel to Afghanistan it has been generous in bestowing bounties of sorts.
    • He said it is remarkable that someone so far north has managed to live so long, under harsh climate conditions and a lesser health-care system.
    • It can withstand weeds, insects and a harsh climate, thereby producing blossoms one after another.
    • Home to her were the harsh, cruel streets in a city too preoccupied to care.
    • She wanted to say something that so harsh and cruel that it would make Alex feel worse than he had made her feel.
    • Even through his harsh cruel manner of treating servants and others alike, he was smart, erudite, but also wise.
    • Due to the harsh climate and difficulty of life in the tundra, hospitality and generosity are highly prized among the Chukchi.
    • The measures taken have been pretty severe, if not harsh.
    • Nigeria's harsh climate and even harsher diseases cut short their initial missionary work.
    • Robbins's disciplinarianism won him a reputation as a harsh and cruel taskmaster.
    • Life at Artane was harsh and cruel, especially for children with no family connections.
    • They were strict, cruel, harsh and made you feel guilty very easily.
    • As far as he was concerned, it was society that was cruel, harsh and utterly ruthless to children who were alone and orphaned.
    • They are used to invoke a historical community that survived harsh conditions and now enjoys the benefits of unity and prosperity.
    • The band of friends, family, enemies and strangers must work together against the cruel weather and harsh terrain if they want to stay alive.
    • The biological agent is a microbe that survives only in the harsh conditions of the Atacama.
    • They remained isolated for 800 years, and developed a lifestyle which enabled them to survive in the harsh conditions.
    • The authoritarian military regime has been harsh in its treatment of ethnic minorities and rules by decree, without a constitution or legislature.
    • The schools were known for their harsh discipline and for treating students like virtual prisoners.
    • Like her friends would ever worry about her, they always seemed to be off in their own worlds, never really knowing that there is a cruel and harsh world waiting for them.
    • February is a short shivering thing, March harsh and cruel, but you can bear March because you know what's coming soon enough.
    • So harsh was the discipline that it was known as the Bullring by soldiers.
    • The harsh and cruel elements of Russian society, especially the drive to dominate and control, fill the imagery of Dostoevsky's novels.
    • But it has also been linked to a fiery temper, which may have helped give redheads the aggression they needed to survive in the harsh northern climates.
    • It has proven to be fully adaptable to its habitat, well-suited to survive in harsh climates with their tough hide and wily brain.
    • The Chinese character refers to a kind of plant that can survive in harsh conditions and it also sounds the same as ‘difficult’ in Chinese.
    • He said the goats were crossbred with the local ones which produced mostly twins and could survive harsh conditions.
    • Dr Woonton says some critics of the old superannuation scheme had suggested that it should be completely wiped out, but this would not only be harsh and cruel, but would be against the law.
    • Scientists think there is an outside chance of microbes similar to those which exist in very harsh conditions on Earth surviving on Mars.
    • Another famous mountain stage is the climb of the Mont Ventoux, often claimed to be the hardest climb in the Tour due to the harsh conditions there.
    • Bison know how to survive these harsh conditions, and the people who live in these places have proved equally adaptable.
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    (light) crudo
    (light) fuerte
    (climate) riguroso
    (contrast) violento
    (color) chillón
    (sound) discordante
    • Tanya wrinkled her nose at a strong, harsh whiff of what seemed to be… alcohol?
    • For starters, we all perform in the gentle, orange glow of candlelight from small glass holders on the floor rather than under the harsh glare of fluorescent light.
    • There is a small lamp at each place that looks like a microphone and casts a harsh light on the white plates.
    • He showed no sign of being effected by my harsh look, as he remained his annoying self, humming some tune I was vaguely familiar with.
    • Sunlight tracked a path of sparkling white highlights toward the skyline, a light as harsh as if it were reflecting off burnished metal.
    • Even though he was bathed in harsh white light, a black wispy shadow, virtually opaque, enveloped Reed completely.
    • His voice was hard and harsh, strict and stern, sad and happy all at the same time.
    • UNDER THE harsh glare of fluorescent lights, hundreds of women bend over sewing machines and ironing boards amid piles of brightly coloured cloth.
    • The walls were painted a serene light yellow, even though the bright white lights lit the room in such a harsh, unforgiving light.
    • But the room remained empty, and the light remained harsh and inexorable, and she sat in her bed, her hands clutched tightly together.
    • The overhead lights were harsh and the walls were impossibly white.
    • Unable to even squint at the harsh light, her voice was rough and dry.
    • Talos laughed in mockery, the sound cruel and harsh.
    • Songs that whispered and shouted, voices that were harsh and rough or as soft as feathers.
    • Stainless steel doors, polished white floors gleamed in the harsh white light.
    • His attempt to shout to the last row makes his voice unpleasantly harsh.
    • Keeping his eyes on the carpet, the prince spoke, though his voice was not as strong and harsh as it had seemed before.
    • The harsh neon light hanging from the tiled ceiling cast an eerie glow on his face, illuminating his serious features.
    • The voice rang throughout the room, harsh and cruel.
    • After the gentle, sensuous vowels of Latin-American, this language sounds harsh, cruel, authoritarian.
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    (tone/texture) áspero