Translation of harvest in Spanish:


cosecha, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhɑrvəst//ˈhɑːvɪst/


  • 1

    (of grain) cosecha feminine
    (of grain) siega feminine
    (of fruit, vegetables) cosecha feminine
    (of fruit, vegetables) recolección feminine
    (of grapes) vendimia feminine
    (of sugar cane) cosecha feminine
    (of sugar cane) zafra feminine Latin America
    • Gulfprince ripens from early to mid-May, extending the harvest period.
    • Check the required waiting period on the label with the interval before harvest on food crops you wish to treat.
    • Alternative solutions are derived by first allowing extra labor hours during the harvest period.
    • Mubuyu farms will employ over 1,500 coffee pluckers during the harvest period between April and September of which the majority will be women.
    • After harvest, the process of ripening hastens.
    • Slowly we are chugging through the harvest and soon the 2002 crop will be all safely stowed away in the grain bins.
    • ‘An average of 60 tons of watermelon is produced each harvest,’ Suwandi said.
    • A decline in sucrose concentration occurred across the harvest period, which may have been associated with a decline in solar radiation during the season.
    • The olive harvest falls after grape harvest, during a period of time when he'd otherwise have nothing for his workers to do.
    • By the end of the harvest period this month the plants are trimmed, healthy and have been nourished, yielding much better quality tea.
    • Most Nicaraguans who have work still toil as migrants, following crops and working only during the harvest period.
    • Inundation was the sowing period, coming-forth was the growing period, and summer was the harvest period.
    • It's the end of the harvest season and these farmers in the village of Saloum are sorting the last of their peanuts.
    • For most farmers, drying the crop is the major bottleneck in the harvest process.
    • Farmers present offerings and gifts to the deities for a successful harvest season and pray for bumper crops in the next.
    • Then it might really own the asparagus business for the harvest season, and farmers could stay in business.
    • The most appropriate time to tell myths is during a particular phase of the year - the period of the yam harvest from April to May.
    • Strict and complex regulations control all aspects of the harvest and production.
  • 2

    cosecha feminine
    • That's about four acres under cultivation - enough to produce a total harvest last year of about 10,000 bundles.
    • The next fortnight will be crucial because prolonged rains are needed immediately to water crops and ensure that a harvest is produced in October.
    • Exports have been climbing, not least to Britain, and at the same time recent harvests have failed to produce the anticipated quantities.
    • Its less fertile fields hadn't produced much of a harvest, and they had been lucky surviving the winter intact.
    • The South has run out of room for its herds again, becoming increasingly dependent upon the pasta and bread products provided by grain harvests.
    • If those working on it can work together, the seeds sown to date can yield a bountiful harvest.
    • The crisis has been warded off, WV believes, once farmers produce successful harvests two years in a row.
    • Australian, American, and Chilean winemakers work in steady, hot climates that produce regular harvests and consistent wines.
    • UN agencies say, however, the harvest yielded less than 900 000 tons.
    • For a farmer with fifty acres, poor harvests were an advantage, since they meant higher grain prices.
    • The maize fields were also expected to produce a good harvest, with enough maize for feed and export.
    • The restaurant, called the ‘Bench Bistro’ offers simple, yet innovative dishes that pay homage to the area's bountiful harvests and local producers.
    • Weeks of hot weather had produced a good harvest, but many watermills were becalmed by drought, so flour remained scarce.
    • The Cultivation Ceremony is also performed to help keep the different grains free from disease, producing a bountiful harvest.
    • But she said she was expecting a good harvest from her maize crop some of which she hoped to sell and hopefully go to college.
    • The chief said his subjects who were renowned farmers in the whole district had a poor harvest for the past two years because of inadequate fertiliser supplies.
    • Mr Kasukumya said he was, however, happy that people in his area continued to record bumper harvests in maize production.
    • The government estimates the new harvest will yield about 600000 tons of staple grains this year.
    • This followed a shortage caused by a poor winter harvest and alleged wheat market manipulation resulted in excessive exports of grain.
    • Already signs are that there might be a bumper harvest this season but all this will be in vain if measures are not taken to prevent crops from going to waste.
  • 3

    to reap a harvest of hatred cosechar odios
    • The futile effort to ‘eradicate’ marijuana has produced a harvest of misery.
    • I am doubly sure, between Levy and Sylvia, something will be done to that effect, which could just produce a bumper harvest of votes for both, next year.
    • Meanwhile, the US Navy was reaping a rich harvest from its years of wargaming.
    • Such a policy will inevitably produce a bumper harvest of both ‘normal’ and unanticipated ‘abnormal’ results.
    • I suspect Dr. Colbert has reaped a healthy harvest from the sale of these best-selling books.
    • Bankers are throwing money at him to reap bigger harvests.
    • The US invented basketball, and are now reaping its harvest.
    • Will the second half of the calendar which is about to begin produce a more lucrative harvest for Peugeot?
    • Indian theatre has produced harvests in many languages.
    • The paradox is that a search for a unifying center fails, but it has produced a harvest of insights into the riches of the Bible.
    • Curiosity about fundamental biological mechanisms has yielded a rich harvest of useful knowledge.
    • They reaped a rich harvest in the middle third during the first half, but their opponents had the cushion of Gooch's moment of magic.
    • But Redhefer seems to be reaping a rich harvest from the public deception.
    • And so, once again, the Democrats reaped the bitter harvest of their own pallor and incompetence.
    • Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.
    • And he has been able to work out what is good, and what results in a harvest of votes at the other end.
    • Inflation, shortages, and declining production were the harvest of five years of perestroika and glasnost.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (crop/wheat) cosechar
    (grapes) vendimiar
    (field) realizar la cosecha en
    • It cannot be long before the sweet corn is harvested.
    • So many fields have changed colour, almost overnight due to the large numbers of farmers being able to harvest the silage crop in record time.
    • The harvest crew had been paid to harvest crops that went unsold in rain swept farmers' markets.
    • Crops were harvested twice, roughly 10 days apart, and an average of the two harvests was taken.
    • The gardens are starting to look bare as the last of the root crops are harvested, and the still green cover crops are filling in the beds.
    • Each year, 17 million pounds of moss is harvested for sale in florist and craft stores across the nation.
    • The coffee beans in a shade-grown brand are harvested under a canopy of trees.
    • More than 3,50,000 hectares of land are harvested and nearly 3.5 million people will be engaged in full-time tobacco manufacture.
    • It looks like some beans are thinking about turning color; others - planted after peas were harvested - are just flowering now.
    • The pharma corn was harvested along with the soybeans and sent to a grain elevator in Aurora, Nebraska, where it was mixed in with 500,000 bushels.
    • Each year woman, children and even competing small farmers are forced to harvest the crop on big collective farms.
    • By then, the trees have usually grown so tall that their uppermost fruit may be beyond the reach of the picking poles that workers use to harvest the crop.
    • Planted in November, the onions are harvested from April through mid-June.
    • These farmers, for instance, are harvesting onions.
    • On our farm, we needed drying bins for when the corn or soybeans were harvested wet.
    • The trees in commercial production are harvested with trunk or limb shakers that literally shake the nuts off the tree to be collected by various means.
    • With one hand free, they harvested coconuts and emptied rubber-tree bowls.
    • The machines in the foreground are harvesting beans while the ones in back are preparing the ground for corn planting.
    • Centuries ago when farmers planted and harvested their crops, they knew little about the science involved.
    • In the United Stares, some of the 2002 grape crop was not harvested because of low prices.