Translation of has-been in Spanish:


nombre del pasado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhazbiːn//ˈhæz ˌbɪn/


informal, derogatory

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    nombre del pasado masculine
    • The Labour backbenches are now stuffed with the disappointed, the thwarted, the fired, the has-beens and those that were never likely to amount to anything in the first place.
    • Other housemates evoke the ghosts of yesterday's popular culture, as the has-beens who populate reality TV tend to do.
    • He was the one genuine watchable talent in a particularly gruesome collection of minor career-boosting has-beens and wannabe-agains.
    • The show, which begins tomorrow and features the traditional line-up of has-beens and never-weres, is nonetheless set to attract a massive audience.
    • While many solo acts from the '80s are one-hit wonders and has-beens, Finn clearly breaks the mold.