Translation of hashtag in Spanish:


etiqueta de almohadilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhæʃtæɡ//ˈhaʃtaɡ/


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    etiqueta de almohadilla feminine
    hashtag masculine
    • Spammers started to use the hashtag when it became a trending topic, and the spam lifecycle mirrored the meme lifecycle, with a slight lag.
    • Using whitelisted Twitter accounts, we tracked the hashtag.
    • Tony Hirst with the UK's Open University has a great tutorial on how to create a (tag or) word cloud based on a hashtag feed from Twitter.
    • Rankin uses a weekly hashtag to organize comments, questions and feedback posted by students to Twitter during class.
    • Hash tags have become indices of popularity.
    • They will use Twitter and SMS with the hashtag votereport to collect reports on voting, now during early voting and all the way through election day next week.
    • Similarly putting a hashtag in front of a tag lets you follow a thread on any given topic.
    • Other patterns we have observed spammers exhibit are more than one hashtag on disparate topics, letter+number patterns in user names, and suggestive keywords.
    • When you see pound or something pound followed by letters on Twitter, it means there's a hashtag.
    • However, hashtag use was significantly higher among spammers.
    • Our budgetometer will be monitoring the hashtag #budget.
    • Don't forget that you can do dedicated hashtag searches such as "#gtd."
    • You can follow the 2009 project with the hash tag #jan20 th.
    • The members of a hashmob gather, virtually, around a particular hashtag by labeling each of their tweets with said hashtag and then following the resulting hashtag tweet stream.
    • This has led to the unofficial user policy of marking posts on a particular subject with a " hash tag.
    • Include direct links to your products so that people interested can retweet and don't forget the hashtag that tells followers and non-followers what your product niche is.
    • Finally, this is a case study and the algorithm we used to detect spam specifically fitted the #robotpickuplines hashtag.
    • The canonical example of a hashmob emerged a few days ago around the hashtag #amazonfail.
    • If you send a tweet with the #fast4 equality hashtag, it'll appear on our site.