Translation of hasp in Spanish:


picaporte, n.

Pronunciation /hɑːsp//hæsp/


  • 1

    (for door) picaporte masculine
    (for book cover, purse) cierre masculine
    (for book cover, purse) broche masculine
    • Anyway, this afternoon we spent an inordinately long time fixing a hasp and padlock to the garage.
    • Doors off to the left and right of us were secured with sturdy padlocks on steel hasps.
    • The entrance to the basement proper is protected by a sturdy oak panelled door with flaking maroon paint, two Yale locks and a hasp and staple secured with a heavy duty padlock.
    • The suspect is believed to have gained entry via the rear garden, by removing a clasp and hasp from the garage door.
    • Unfortunately, most sheds are inherently weak and it isn't always appropriate to fit heavy-duty padlocks, hasps, and staples as the door may not be strong enough to support them.