Translation of haste in Spanish:


prisa, n.

Pronunciation /heɪst//heɪst/


  • 1

    prisa feminine
    apuro masculine Latin America
    in her/their haste to get away en su prisa por irse
    • to do sth in haste hacer algo apresuradamente
    • they acted with uncharacteristic haste actuaron con una presteza / prontitud desacostumbrada en ellos
    • She packed her bag with as much haste as she could muster and promptly threw it over her shoulder.
    • And so it seems blundering in haste and repenting at leisure is no one's monopoly.
    • The field workers picked away with growing haste, knowing that their break was only a matter of a few minutes away.
    • Just over 2 years ago, local government legislation was passed under urgency and in haste.
    • He spun around to spot her making her way over to him; it appeared he had sped past her in his haste to get to the entrance.
    • In haste, he fastens the door, then changes his mind and tries to make a run for it.
    • She commanded, and everyone ducked their heads in haste, not wanting to be seen.
    • Your Honour, this matter has been brought on in some haste as I think you can see from the affidavit.
    • The writing on the wall was clear - never act in haste to repent at leisure.
    • Passion defines your relationships: you either fall for someone at first sight or marry in haste.
    • I left the rest of my shopping and ran for the car, knocking over a display of biscuits in my haste to dodge people and escape.
    • Entertainment channels were launched in haste by overlooking the media habits of the population.
    • It is also evident that the resident has been in haste, with random things lying about.
    • One person who was in haste, trying to get out of that bus, twisted his ankle.
    • I hung up the phone in haste, because I still needed to get my blades on, and fast!
    • It matters that Morgan was dismissed with unseemly haste by corporate interests clearly waiting for the opportunity.
    • The inhabitants were pursued and had to flee in haste, so that many froze to death.
    • Unfortunately, in haste, mom used the diesel pump instead of unleaded.
    • After they had seen her, she was in haste to get out of there and save her life.
    • The most recent action to evacuate was not taken in haste, he declares, and denounces those who say it was.