Translation of hatchet in Spanish:


hacha, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhatʃɪt//ˈhætʃət/


  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) hacha feminine
    hachuela feminine
    • A mallet, a block plane with front horn, and a small hatchet are located below the framing square.
    • It was a small hatchet; a leather gripping wrapped around the handle, the blade lying on its side.
    • The Court was told that the two men used an imitation firearm, a hatchet and a hammer in the course of the robbery.
    • Easily the strongest, the proud Dwarf swings a large battleaxe that he uses to cleave opponents in two, and pulls out hatchets to dispatch enemies at a distance.
    • Beside her lay the bloodied hatchet used to kill her.
    • The English soldiers waded into the chaos armed with hatchets and billhooks and, backed up by their own small cavalry and the threat of their longbows, succeeded in dispersing the whole French army.
    • It being dark I could not give a death blow; the hatchet glanced from his head.
    • A 19-YEAR-OLD was chased to his home by a 25-year-old man carrying a hatchet and a knife, Limerick Circuit Court heard yesterday.
    • He starts a fight with the low-class tenants to draw the attention of the leading group of mobsters, the ‘Axe Gang,’ who descend on the slum in tuxedoes and top hats and wielding hatchets.
    • On his left hung some long axes, some double edged and still others were hand axes, hatchets.
    • Among the ancient Peruvians large clubs of wood and stone, and also hatchets have been excavated - reason enough for the production of serious skull injuries.
    • The damage to the limestone monument appears to have been carried out with a heavy instrument such as a hatchet, since there are large indentations on the remaining plinths which managed to withstand the attack.
    • Once the Swiss began to retreat, they were pursued by mobs of bystanders without firearms who hacked them to death with knives, pikes, and hatchets, and tore their uniforms to pieces to make trophies.
    • Some plants like ornamental grasses or irises may require knives, machetes, or even hatchets to get the job done, but it is worth it.
    • Right at the start we find Colin, the hero, who's come to visit his poor old mum, standing in the kitchen, fantasising about taking a hatchet to her.
    • The public was provided with hatchets with which, if they wanted to, they could attack the objects and paintings exhibited.
    • I look up at the hammers, vise-grips, and hatchets hanging above me.
    • A police spokesman said several reports followed of a man wielding two hatchets or a small axe.
    • He had survival gear, rope, a bowie knife, a hatchet.
    • A long handle version is about 36 inches long; a short handle, like a hatchet, is 16 to 20 inches.