Translation of hatred in Spanish:


odio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈheɪtrəd//ˈheɪtrɪd/


  • 1

    odio masculine
    hatred for / of sb/sth odio a/hacia algn/a algo
    • Oh, she knew hatred was not a ladylike emotion, but she simply could not help it.
    • No doubt this will be reported as the latest example of race hatred in a racially torn community.
    • They attempted to play something but the roar of hatred from the crowd drowned them out.
    • As long as we wield our weapons of hatred, greed and stupidity, nothing will change.
    • Being racist is to hate on the basis of racial difference and to incite racial hatred.
    • It is not such a large step from that mainstream irrationality and hatred to fascism.
    • I find that very profound because there is a great deal of hatred spouted in the name of religion.
    • Racial hatred is therefore an attack upon people as people, clear and unambiguous.
    • It is not a grand theory but a simple truth that Hitler was motivated by the human emotion of hatred.
    • Sadly, many did not support her goals because their racial hatred was too strong.
    • They must make it clear that religious hatred will not be tolerated and they must be seen to take a stand.
    • Britain must be free to act against extremists who stir up hatred and incite terrorism.
    • Only their angry eyes were visible and it was clear they had hatred in their hearts.
    • As far as my other critics are concerned, the envy seems to have corroded down to hatred.
    • It set an end to a terrible century of war and hatred between France and Germany.
    • I read them and am hurt by the injustice and often outright hatred of some of the posters.
    • I would like to express my pure hatred for those who light up a fag in front of children and even babies!
    • By the time he left each one of the towns the area was in the grip of racial hatred that spilled over into rioting.
    • Morgaine snapped, her green eyes filled with hatred as she rounded on her brother.
    • I could feel the eyes of my mother and my brothers on me, a quiet but potent hatred.