Translation of haul in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /hɔl//hɔːl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    the fishermen hauled in their nets los pescadores cobraron / recogieron las redes
    • a tractor hauled the car out of the ditch un tractor sacó el coche de la cuneta
    • they hauled up/down the sail izaron/arriaron la vela
    • he was hauled along to all the parties by his wife su mujer lo arrastraba a todas las fiestas
    • she was hauled out of bed at midnight la sacaron de la cama a medianoche
    • As the construction of the huge vessel approached completion, transport firms hauled the mountains of food to the site.
    • There are plenty of critics with woeful tales of upturned or lost caravans, and how they were held up for hours by tiny cars hauling huge caravans.
    • Who was he trying to impress, the Broward County Department of Sanitation workers who haul his trash away?
    • Young girls of eight or nine worked down the mines hauling coal just so the families could exist.
    • They are usually used to haul heavy loads or carry cargoes.
    • One record-breaking day in 1864 saw the company haul three tons of silver bullion from the mines of Virginia City, Nevada alone.
    • Meanwhile, the smaller compact track loader hauled the spoil to dump trucks and brought in the rock.
    • The call came last summer, and he was using the truck to haul stuff for the yard.
    • Police reported that the truck hauling two trailers - with a length measuring 22m - was travelling from Umtata when the driver was believed to have lost control.
    • He had trained as an apprentice engineer at Dan Mitchells, later working as a lorry driver for Tunnicliffe's at Silsden, hauling timber.
    • The asset is the future economic benefit, that is, the present value of the cash flows that will come from using the truck to haul lumber, or coal, or bread.
    • This means that the farmer is having to haul his own stock or arrange transport.
    • I haul coal, silica, gravel, grain - anything that will go into a dump.
    • The whole theme was accented by stuffed toy poodles carried by models on the catwalk, who held them as lovingly as yesterday's trash being hauled to the bin.
    • Ask if they will set your towing vehicle up to properly haul your new trailer and if they are willing to teach you how to drive one if you never have before.
    • If that was the case, then people who don't haul things on a regular basis wouldn't buy pickup trucks, and there is probably no good reason why anyone needs a Jaguar of any type.
    • Amid the truckloads of rubble being hauled away is forensic evidence about how and why the buildings collapsed.
    • My first streetcar trip had one other close call, a sport-utility vehicle hauling a trailer that made a U-turn right in front of us.
    • Utility ATVs are commonly used for loading and hauling things, which calls for a larger exterior to carry objects.
    • A truck hauling two trailers - with a total length measuring 22 metres - was travelling from Umtata when the driver is believed to have lost control.
    • Heavy horse carts with rubber tires haul sacks of corn, piles of fodder, and other freight.
    • Carnegie needs at least five dump trucks to haul trash to the Imperial landfill.
    • Hedge got a job hauling coal for Sam Dean, who had a little mine near Sand Coulee.
    • In between, we hauled freight, carried troops and VIPs, and served as a hospital ship with wounded and nurses aboard.
    • Goran Rakonjac, for instance, uses horse-drawn farm carts on back roads to haul the soft white cheese from his family farm in Serbia to market 15 miles away in Montenegro.
    • The waters of the Nile slipped beneath the hull and the boat hauled for the western shore.
    • The ship hauled away from the dock and proceeded to Mare Island, California, in accordance with the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Squadron.
    • As the ship hauled out into the stream, her bow was swung by the tide downward, and her helm was put to the starboard.
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intransitive verb

  • 1

    jalar Latin America Southern Cone
    jalar de algo Latin America Southern Cone
    to haul at / on sth tirar de algo
  • 2

    (wind) soplar por la amura


  • 1

    recorrido masculine
    trayecto masculine
    a long haul un trayecto largo
    • in / over the long/short haul a largo/corto plazo
  • 2

    tirón masculine
    jalón masculine Latin America Southern Cone
  • 3

    (of fish) redada feminine
    (of stolen goods) botín masculine
    she got a good haul of bargains/medals consiguió unas cuantas gangas/medallas