Translation of havoc in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhavək//ˈhævək/


  • 1

    the accident caused havoc el accidente creó gran confusión
    • the children created havoc los niños armaron un lío tremendo
    • But the group insists that the size of the development is too large for the conservation area and would bring traffic havoc to already congested lanes.
    • He said a gang of about 30 teenagers have been causing havoc for the past six months.
    • One easy-going and tolerant who could not understand fellow travellers who complained about her children wreaking havoc on a long train journey.
    • Since it was launched five weeks ago, several people have contacted the It's Your Call hotline to complain about teenage bikers wreaking havoc.
    • Sutton's police chief has pledged to make the borough the safest in London by waging war on career criminals and drug traders wreaking havoc in our communities.
    • A notorious pyramid selling scam, which caused havoc among small communities on the Isle of Wight last year, has reared its ugly head in Scotland again.
    • The novel deals with a small band of ‘radicals’ who try to stir up revolt in a small town and end up wreaking havoc.
    • We need to help consumers leap-frog the illegal downloading issues that have wreaked havoc on the music industry.
    • Off-road bikers wreaking havoc are being warned that police could soon have the power to confiscate their machines.
    • Later came laws limiting working hours, forbidding child labour and other abuses, to curb the widespread social havoc.
    • Many people fear that if children weren't at school they be wreaking havoc in the streets all day.
    • He stared at me, his intensely blue eyes wreaking havoc in my mind.
    • My mother-in-law is mentally ill and wreaking havoc on our marriage.
    • It appears that the beast has escaped, and is again wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting residents of Bucharest.
    • At first, it seemed she didn't have a chance, with a horrible cold that wreaked havoc with her voice.
    • The black striped mussel has caused millions of dollars worth of damage to marine industries around the world, and can cause havoc for shipping.
    • A series of lightning strikes in the North and the South-East have been wreaking havoc with supply.
    • A number of school pupils and restaurant staff are being put in quarantine as the north west battles to stop the Sars virus wreaking havoc.
    • In this one, she's a scientist trying to deal with an enormous octopus wreaking havoc in San Francisco.
    • Her family work as daily labourers and a day off can wreak havoc for the family's economy.