Translation of hawk-eyed in Spanish:


con ojos de lince, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈhɔk ˌaɪd/


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    con ojos de lince
    con ojos de águila
    con vista de lince
    con vista de águila
    the hawk-eyed supervisor didn't miss anything al lince / al águila del supervisor no se le escapaba una informal
    • Their hawk-eyed fielding contributed much towards their success.
    • The wing entrance was particularly in need of cleaning but hawk-eyed members of the team were also disappointed with the quality of furniture and linen in some wards.
    • Here's a sample that slipped by the hawk-eyed letters editors of some of the nation's esteemed newspapers.
    • He was eventually caught out by a hawk-eyed insurance official, who noticed a name in a particular case that had come up before in a number of previous claims.
    • Jack was watching the proceedings, hawk-eyed.
    • But a few other hawk-eyed readers pointed out that the grammar I used in my column was actually imprecise and clumsy.
    • The hawk-eyed Food and Drug Administration deems lung - a common ingredient in haggis - to be unfit for human consumption.
    • A hawk-eyed reader wrote in, pointing out that for any careful reader the information was obvious.
    • Alex is hawk-eyed when it comes to spotting lazy reasoning or fallacious argument, and lightning-fast at exposing it where it occurs.
    • I had to put my views into print to be scanned by thousands of educated people, including a number of hawk-eyed and censorious experts.
    • As for the hawk-eyed youngster, she says she wants to grow up to be a proofreader.
    • Guizhou province uses blocking software and hawk-eyed operators to censor pager and handphone text messages on examination day.
    • Needless to say, my resolution put me under Emmy's hawk-eyed gaze, making sure I held to my promise.